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Help in advancing a quilt

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Does anyone else wish that there were "wheel" handles at the end of the rails to help advance the 

quilts? I have just a basic frame with no motorized advance and I find it hard to advance the quilt

easily with no place to grab onto. I wish my 2019 Lenni had those wheel handles like they have  on Gammill

machine frames. Has anyone added them? Thanks!

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I've done it to my Ult2.  I had to weld extentions to one end of the roller shafts in order to provide enough room to clamp them on.  I bought 4" hand wheels from Grizzly to complete the retro fit.  The roller shafts were 5/8", so I added 1/2" rod butted up to the end so that regardless of the accuracy of my welds, the shafts would slide through the support bearings.  Easy enough for me to do because I weld, although if you really want them, taking the 3 rollers to a welding shop probably wouldn't be all that difficult.  Good luck.  Jim

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