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M & M wheels


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I have M & M wheels on my Millie for quite a few years now but I am experiencing some drag when I quilt in a 45 degree direction. I clean the wheels regularly with rubbing alcohol and there are some black flakes on the q tip.  Has anyone ever had to replace the wheels..


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The black flakes are oxidation from the aluminum carriage base, not material from the wheels. Not to say you don't need to replace them, but mine have had steady business-use daily for 9 years and so far no problems. The diagonal stitching can be tested by freehanding a big circle, slowly. If you feel drag all four of the diagonal sections and none at the horizontal/vertical, then you can investigate more. Wheels too tight and drag from your power cord can be looked at. Also, if you're stitching diagonals with a ruler, that, of course, can cause drag. But a freehand diagonal line will have a bit more drag because you are overcoming the natural ease of stitching an x/y axis. The machine WANTS to go horizontal or vertical and diagonals take more control and more of a push. If this is a really new problem, call APQS service or your dealer to troubleshoot. Good luck!

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