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Ideas for quilting, please!

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When I saw your quilt this is what comes to mind.

Corner blocks - SID and that is it

Trees - trapunto trees so they have two layers of batting behind them so they pop out at you.  Then a tight pebble, meander, something you are comfortable around the trees to stitch down the blue.

Hearts - flowing feathers to fill out the top points

Cabin - SID all the seams, and then horizontal log lines in the wood areas, vertical or sudo-wavey lines in the roof, stitch around the clouds in the sky, so they stand out

Sides and bottom border - definitely bear claws pointed different direction, or possibly on the sides make them so it looks like the bear is walking up the quilt, that is say they stair step up on each side, bottom from corner squares pointing inward, top same bear claw only smaller and pointing different directions around the words.  Maybe use a thread close to the yellow on the the heart blocks to standout a little so all your thread breaks are worth the effort; https://www.clipartmax.com/middle/m2i8i8d3i8A0N4H7_american-black-bear-bear-claw-brown-bear-clip-art-bear-claw-clipart/

Angela Walters has a book "Shape by Shape" that can give you ideas one how to fill particular shapes if you do not like the suggestions.

Let us see the quilting when you are done.  Best of luck with it.


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