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Glide track system

Deb S.

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I own an older APQS (circa mid 1980s).  It really quilts well, no bells or whistles, but as my first Long Arm it has been great.

I have been looking to upgrade.  I found a 2003 Millie for $7000, at a very reputable Bernina shop near me.  My husband feels the glide track is a deal breaker.  Have any of you upgraded from the regular wheel tracks to the glide track?  If so, can you tell me if this is necessary.  My main goal was to move to a machine with a stitch regulator, which the 2003 Millie has.


Thanks in advance.

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Hi Deb. I will assume you mean the Bliss system instead of Glide tracks. Some newer APQS machines have "Quilt Glide", but it has nothing to do with the wheels. So---Bliss is a ball-bearing pod set on a stainless steel rod that runs the length of the frame at the front and the back. It eases the horizontal movement. The vertical movement is on M&M wheels and regular rails on the carriage, which are the best wheels available on APQS longarms. One set of four wheels on the carriage and the ball-bearing pods on the table. They are fabulous. I believe you can retro-fit Bliss for about $3000 if it's on an APQS frame. That seems like a lot when you're getting a deal on the machine, so you'll need to decide. If there's a dealer near you, try out the Bliss system versus a regular wheel system. As for being "necessary"? Absolutely not, but comparing the two (and your stamina and physical ability added to the mix) will guide you to whether it's an attractive add-on or a must-have. Good luck and have fun!

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