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clamps for longarm quilting machine


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I have had Featherlight plastic side clamps for a long time.  The plastic seems to be getting 'weaker'.  I have a phone number on them, but does not work.  Does anyone know where to purchase them?  They are lightweight and I really like them.  Thanks, Dee

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I don't know about that brand but there are Red Snapper side clamps that look like they are similar.  I've seen others use them but I don't have them.  I'm going the DIY way - I got some paint stir sticks (free) and some leftovers of the grippy kind of shelf liner.  The liner goes next to the fabric and then a stick on top and bottom.  I clamp the "sandwich" using my two existing clamps on each side.  Seems to work fine for me at no cost.  

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