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Changing M to an L bobbin

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I have a 2019 Freddie, it came with an M bobbin, I do a lot of free motion detailed work and I’ve heard. The L bobbin is much better for that. So my question, can I have my M changed out to an L? Thank you.

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I think you could probably change to the L bobbin, but in my opinion that's a giant step backwards.  I went from L to M years ago and feel that's one of the smartest moves I've made.  I don't know of anyone who moved from L to M who regretted it.  Having used both systems on the same machine, I can say without reservation, there was no change in quilting performance.  I've followed the forum here for more than a decade and don't recall anyone complaining about an up grade to M from L.  BTW, free motion is all I do.

Back in the day when APQS didn't offer an M bobbin option there was a lot of advertising hype about the L system.  That's completely disappeared since they have had an M bobbin option.  How can changing bobbins twice as often be a good situation?  Learn to use your machine and forget about bobbin size.   Just my take.  Jim

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