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Why is my thread breaking?


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Several different things can cause this:

- Bobbin case tension may be too tight.

- Upper tension could be too tight.

- Improper threading?double check the thread path and ensure the thread isn?t catching on the spool, laser cord, or other obstruction.

- Improper threading?double check the thread path and ensure the thread isn?t catching on the spool, laser cord, or other obstruction.

- Bad thread ? even if you have done 1-2 quilts or more with this thread, you can have a bad spot in the cone of thread! As earlier mentioned, dark thread tends to break more easily than light, as cotton, rayon, and other weaker fiber threads.

- Burrs on the hook assembly, or somewhere else along the thread path. Try loosening tension (upper), checking and fixing burrs, or changing thread cones.

- Pig tail thread guides may have notches or burrs. These can happen over time, especially when using coarse threads like metallics and invisible nylon or polyester thread. Replace the pig tails, or for a temporary fix, loosen the screws holding each one in place and rotate the pig tail 180 degrees so that a different spot on the guide is being used.

- Sharp or rough needle eye. Replace the needle, and make sure you are using one that is large enough (a 4.0 is ideal) to accommodate your thread, especially if it is heavy or metallic.

Dawn Cavanaugh

National Director of Education




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For the last couple of quilts I've been having thread break...actually it's shredding!...and always in the same motion of quilting (running the machine in a certain direction, you know what I mean?). I figure it's got to be a major burr but for the life of me I can't find it. Frustrating :mad:

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Thread shred is very frustrating! Since you mention that the shredding and breaking happens most frequently when moving a certain direction, I'd spend my time checking out the hook area more extensively.

Start with a fresh needle. Needle flex is a big reason tension can change when moving in different directions. If the needle is slightly bent, it can be nicking the hook ever so slightly, causing the thread to shred as it tries to pass around the hook.

In addition to the solutions you've already tried, check the space between the bobbin case basket and the bobbin case finger. The finger should only protrude into the bobbin basket notch about 1/3 of the way. The section on "timing" in your manual will have more info.

While you're at it, I'd also check the enitre hook assembly for a burr or nick. Take off the needle plate so you can see more easily. Then use an old pair of pantyhose or other material that "snags" easily, and rub it around on the hook. Check the area behind the "hook point" and then the opposite side of the hook where the protrusion looks like the thumb of a mitten.

Also check for notches in the needle plate itself.

Try a different spool or two of thread to eliminate thread quality as a variable.

If all else fails, call tech support Monday. They may have more insight about where those pesky burrs might be hiding.

Good Luck!


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