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Do I need to print the manual and/or instructions?

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NEVERMIND -- I looked at the visual reference picture of boxes I received and it clearly tells me that Box 4 includes the table assembly instructions. I should have known -- and it's spiral bound to lay flat or be just one page wide while using -- smart. Thank you APQS sales and support teams. (If I figure out how, I will delete my post so as to not clutter up the forum.)

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I finally get to set up my new Millie tomorrow. Yay!! I've opened the white "open me first box" and checked the contents. I had hoped to find some printed instructions in there, but, nope.

I have downloaded the 101 page manual from APQS website, and I've done a quick review to be prepared for what is needed to set up the table and install the various accessories and features. I know we're going to want -- need -- a printed hard copy in front of us while working. But I don't want to print all those pages only to discover instructions inside one of the boxes as I start unpacking things.

Can anyone tell me if our new Millies are shipped with printed instructions tucked away somewhere?

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Congrats Valerie.  I had the same thoughts as you until I opened the box and found the printed manual. Having the downloaded manual on my laptop will be handy too.
I just set up my new Lucey 2 weeks ago, Quilt Path was shipped on Friday.  Happy Stitching.

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