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HELP Skewed Repeat Pattern

Sams Mom

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I am using the Orange Peel 1 & 2 and I have just advanced my quilt for the first time and there is 2/10's difference in the pattern (measured by CQ) from the previous row over about 46 inches.

First of all, what am I doing wrong in advancing my quilt that would skew the previous row so much.

Secondly, what do I do next. I guess I could rotate the pattern to make it fit but then I would have a mess at the bottom.

ANY advice would help.

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Hi Donna

When I'm doing a fixed patten like this, ie. when the previous rows stitching must sit right on top of the next row, I make sure I load my quilt top to the No 2 roller and have it firm rather than having it "free float". When its floating the fabric can shift little. Also make sure there is no extr fullness in the top.

Have a look under the quilt at the backing fabric, is the backing equally taut across the top not dipping more at the end where you noticed the 2/10th difference.

Could someone have leaned on the rollers while mesuring or quilting? (which could cause the fabric to shift

a little.

Lastly, check that your wires are not slipping, motors and tension blocks are nice and tight and the wire is not slipping through the plate on the tension blocks.

Good luck

Sue in Australia

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