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More re Miracle Chalk


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Just read elsewhere that the Miracle chalk is not to be used on Cotton Sateen. Seems a lady did a wholecloth with it and it left dark streaks that won't come out. After she complained to the company apparently they posted a notice about it on the website. I don't know if the warning is on the product.

I also have problems getting that yellow in the the little case out of a couple of my quilts but the blue is still the worst for me.

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Yep, there is a warning on the site about using with cotton sateen. Thanks for the heads-up.

Sharon Welsh is in my guild and I will ask her about it next meeting.

I wonder what color fabric the person was using for the wholecloth---we know it couldn\'t be light fabric because the Miracle Chalk would not show up on that (unless she cut it with some blue chalk--that would be a nightmare to remove!). And if it was a dark fabric, how could dark streaks from the chalk be present and visible? I\'m just wondering out loud --occasionally people will complain or put down a product because of jealousy or for personal gain when there is not really a problem. Did I word that diplomatically enough?? Not calling anybody a story-teller--just wonderin\'!

The site strongly recommends testing before using and I know it should be used on pre-washed fabric for easiest removal.

Again, thank you for posting the warning. There have been lots of posts here from people who hate the blue chalk too--hard to remove.

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