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New tutorial on our website: How to draw feathers


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Hi everyone,

This is to announce that I have put a new tutorial on my Screenshots page: how to draw feathers in Pre-Design (with perfect backtracking, and easy too).

Please take a look on page: http://quilters.pre-design.eu/feathers.htm'>http://quilters.pre-design.eu/feathers.htm

I have attached the background image used in the tutorial lesson.

This tutorial was so much fun to make and I really hope you will have fun drawing your own feather designs in Pre-Design too!!



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Now that is the most amazingly clever tutorial - not that I have Pre Design but one day I might!

Thanks Linzi!

I have meanwhile put a button on the website to download the free tutorial video as a zip file. You can pause, replay etc. using the controls at the bottom of the demo, or by pressing the space bar.


Download the free tutorial from:


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