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  1. Stunning! I will take some more pics at the show for you today
  2. I have 2007 milli, I took the thread cutter off and got it RM for a non thread cutter milli, freedom Fits perfectly onto Lucey
  3. I have just fitted my non thread cutter milli base straight onto Lucey and it fits beautifully!
  4. Oh dear, that isn't good customer service! I think a milli base without cutter would fit as I believe the machine body is the same...
  5. Don't actually know the answer but wonder if it would be same version as ordering RM for Milli without thread cutter?
  6. I have a black 1951 fw and a white 1965. They come up on uk ebay for £80-£150 which may be a little cheaper than usa. I have wondered about sending a fw over. I don't know anyone here who custom paints them. Have seen some at usa quilt shows and been amazed at the price tags. Will keep a lookout...
  7. Onion skins also give a lovely soft brown. I expect you have to add a fixative - maybe table salt?
  8. Unbelievably bad customer service! I think I'd be inclined to take my business elsewhere too!
  9. I used to use HLX5 on my 9" throat Viking Megaquilter... well that was what you are meant to use but I had more success with 100/16 GB's
  10. What a fantastic quilt! Appropriate quilting too... LINZI x
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