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  1. sewlinzi

    Freehand custom

    Gorgeous, Janette! You must feel really proud of your work on this
  2. Just wondered whether it would be best to book the hotel on the spot or whether other nearby hotels which are cheaper are just as good. At Festival of Quilts, UK there are several hotels near the exhibition centre which are all within the sam walking distance. I am teaching there so maybe should stay at Crowne Plaza? - opinions please!
  3. You have done a wonderful job, Cindy - it's gorgeous
  4. Beautiful, family heirlooms!
  5. sewlinzi

    Microwave bowl question

    Kathy at Tamarack Shack had a super tutorial on her blog using 2 pieces of cotton batting…
  6. I am interested in some Gadget Girls rulers if you are willing to mail to the UK...
  7. sewlinzi

    Decals (Tatoos)

    Use WD40, not nail varnish remover!!
  8. I am going to change back to L. Love the idea of more thread but could not get the consistently great tension of L...
  9. sewlinzi

    Hi everyone....

    Delighted at your great news!!
  10. sewlinzi

    getting there

    Great to hear that you will soon be up and quilting again
  11. sewlinzi

    Which way is George facing?

    George sits just like a domestic machine, to the side. Better visibility when sitting down...
  12. WD40, not nail polish remover - speaking from experience
  13. sewlinzi

    Where has Grasshopper been??

    I have thinking of you, Jane and Dave. Glad to hear that everyone is making steady progress towards recovery xxx
  14. Wow! That was exciting, Janette!