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Difference in used millies

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I am thinking if I do decide to purchase I am thinking a certified apqs millie may be the way to go.

What are the differences in the years models

I see they start 2001 on the site up to 2008.

Any advantage of one over the other?

The financing will not be an issue that is in place already?

Does it make sense to buy a used millie and use the difference in the cost for extras?

Is the new a better option with the 1000 off?



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Hi Eileen.

With the New Millie you get the 3 year warranty and the new led lighting system that allows for better visibilty when working from the front. It also has the built in black light, built in laser light, no more plug in module sitting a the back of the machine, new easier to read guages or led readouts for the controls and a centrally located power switch. Some of this may not mean much to you if you haven\'t worked on an older millie.

With a used machine, they have been completely gone over and provide you with a one year warranty. Only you can determine pricewise, which way is best for you. If you do decide to go used, keep in mind that after the warranty expires, replacement parts are not expensive and most things can be done yourself with very limited down time.

Good luck in your decision, you will enjoy the Millie either way you go.


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