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Can't load a quilt!


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I got my milli 11 months ago and for reasons I won't go into, have not been able to start using it until now. I took the 2 beginner classes in Des Moines last January. Of course, since I haven't been able to quilt until now, everything I was shown and told has gone into hiding in my brain. I've watched the video several times, but I cannot get a quilt loaded properly! I am soooo frustrated!!!!:mad: The part I can't seem to figure out is pinning all 3 layers to the take up roller.

Any hints to make this easier to figure out? Or would it be better to find someone to show me in person?

Thanks for ANY hints or advice!

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Here is the way I do it:

1- Pin the quilt back and quilt top onto their respective

(front) rollers. Roll them up.

2- Pin the quilt BACK ONLY to the take up leader.

3- Advance the quilt a bit.

3- Lay the batting on the backing and let it fall off the front

between the 2 rollers.

4- Baste the quilt top to the quilt back/batting.

5- QUILT!!

Don't worry, this will become second nature to you. When I first started I took pictures with my digital camera of everything properly loaded. I would scrutinize it before each quilt loading, and then I would still end up pinning one of the pieces on upside down. That was the best way to learn. After 2 or 3 episodes of unpinning and repinning I learned. Since I would rather spend my time quilting than pinning I somehow got my brain to remember "bottom down, top up" when loading! LOL

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This is how I do it.....

Find the center of your backing, lay the backing wrong side up over the rails. (You are standing in the front of the machine). You should have the bottom of your backing in your hand - pin to the canvas. The rest of the backing is draped over the rails and will probably be on the floor on the opposite side of your table..... still with me??

Roll the backing on to the roller - stopping when the top edge touches your table. Line up the center mark on your backing to the center mark on the roller that is closest to you (you are now standing at the back of the machine). MAKE SURE TO FEED THE TOP UNDER THE ROLLER THAT DOES NOT HAVE CANVAS ON IT. and begin pinning. I always begin pinning from the center, work towards the right - go back to the center and finish pinning from the center to the left. I usually roll the backing back and forth a couple of time - as I feel this helps straighten the backing.

Roll the backing till the top edge is near you (you are standing at the front of the machine)

I then lay my batting near the top edge of the backing and using my channel lock baste the batting to the backing moving from right to left. Take the extra batting and feed it under the quilt roller (it will fall on the floor near your feet)

I measure the quilt top in three spots - top edge, center and bottom edge. ie.. 80, 81 and 80. I decide to use the 80 - center is 40" I measure 40" from the center mark on my remaining roller toward the right and put a pin - I measure again and put another pin on the left. You are now standing back in front of the machine.....still with me....

I then pin the BOTTOM edge of the quilt to the roller - using the pins you put in previously as guidelines.(Your quilt is draped over the roller - perhaps laying on t)he floor at the back of the machine. Roll carefully on to the roller - stopping when you are almost near the top edge of the quilt top.

On the batting - find your center - go 40" to the right and put pin, go 40" to the left and put a pin. Pin the top edge of the quilt to the basting stitch - using your pins as guides. Once this is done I baste about 1/8 down from the edge of the top. I have a tape measure on my roller that I use to keep the sides of the quilt at 40" so I can check to make sure the quilt is centered every time I advance the quilt.

Hope this helps.....

If you like I can post pictures later on today as I will be loading another quilt....

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