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Lenni Orientation #2

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Hi Just... I have the one end against the wall, the one that doesn't have tightening knobs on the rollers..

2. The table is only 21 " but when the unit is totally assembled.. ready to sew.. it is a lot larger.. . The ends and 2 roller bars are not over the table.. When My machine is all the way back, measureing from the very back of it, to the very front which is the one tightening knob, I come up with 52 " total.. table unit, machine, etc. The machine extends out past the vertical platform, and when at it's furtherest point, closest to the wall, the machine is about 8 inches from the wall.

I think 2 feet would be good for quilting, Though again it depends.. I use a saddle stool, so need more room.. without it, standing to quilt, I should think it would depend on the persons size..

If you follow the manual to assemble, you shouldn't have any problems putting Lenni together.. skip around and don't follow directions, and I think there will be problems.

Hope this helps..


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Mine is single entry. The one side is about 10 inches from the wall. Works just fine and freed up space in the room.

I am opposite from the others who responded earlier. I have the panto side away from the wall - why? The TV is on the opposite side of the room and I wanted to watch the videos while doing freehand. When doing a panto, I don't want to see the TV. Also, I have shelves behind me when doing non-panto quilting so I have a place to put my scissors, rulers, etc. and grab items as I need them. The shelves to my back make it handy. I would not need the shelves doing panto work.

As far as the hubby helping, once you get the table frame level and put together, you don't need him anymore. You can do the rest yourself. The hardest part, if you are getting the 10 foot table, is the arms on the side. They weigh a ton.

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