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Run/Stop switch


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I too am having problems getting this error. Marlin, do you remember what Butch told you to do? Or John or someone else that knows what to do, can you send me a note?

I have had this problem before. When I reboot now I am getting this blue screen with all this white writing on it? I reboot again it goes away, but the run stop switch is still not working correctly.



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Good Morning Brendalee and Nancy. Last I spoke to Jim from APQS and he suggested resetting my pins sets, maybe my abort button was jammed, and rechecking my connections. But I did find somethng interesting. The 2 sets of red bar lights we have on the Millie.. when I toggle the motor switch on and off the 2nd light on 2nd set lights up, but the Run/Stop switch does not light any thing when toggled. That makes me think I still have a loose wire connection. Could be in my head but pretty sure it is in the machine :)

I promise to keep you posted. And I just purchased $200 in CQ patterns to do. It will get better, it has to!:cool: marlinquilts@yahoo.com

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