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    Making quilt tops and quilting them, reading, crocheting afghans, spending time with my family, meeting and getting to know other quilters; I love going to the North Carolina Mountains with my husband. I hope to someday run my own quilt shop, teach quilting and become an APQS dealer.

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  1. This quilt is stunningly beautiful!!! The replica of light behind the dragon flies makes their coloring even more prominent. Fantastic work Terry. Happy Quilting,
  2. Thank you Kathy for asking this question. I too wanted to know what the opinion was on this topic. I just purchased my Millie last month and wondered what method others used. I have been floating my tops, but have seen others using their quilt top roller. I wondered which method others preferred. I think Linda's right, it depends on what works best for you and the quilt you are working on at the time. Happy Quilting,
  3. Wow Linda, you're really friendly. I have to say though, you did a very nice job on the last "friendly" quilt so I'm confident you will do great!! I think I might have to charge extra for all the tucking and working in you're having to do, but I'm no where near being an expert quilter so I may be wrong. BTW, I responded to your email so I wanted to make sure you received it. Good luck with the quilting. Happy Quilting
  4. I periodically quilt for a little lady. She called me a few days ago asking me to quilt a small 4 block wall hanging. The only difference is she says it's dirty, and she wants it quilted before washing it. I'm not sure I want to quilt a dirty quilt on my brand new Millie. I haven't seen the quilt so I'm not sure how dirty it is yet. I would really appreciate some feedback from my APQS family on this issue. Should I quilt it as is or could it damage my Millie? Should I tell her that it must be washed before I can quilt it? What would you do if you were asked to quilt a dirty quilt? Your comments and suggests are welcome. Thanks for your advice. Happy Quilting,
  5. No Libby, that's okay. I can't imagine how it feels to experience all the snow that people have to deal with out west or up north. In my neck of the woods, we get just enough to make us happy. After the snow and ice as well as the frigid temperatures we have been experiencing since last Friday, this coming weekend is going to feel like spring with temperatures reaching the low to mid 70's. While we would like to experience a little more snow than we do, we really don't want to be snowed in for really long periods of time. Happy Quilting,
  6. Oh well, I was hoping I'd get a snow day from work tomorrow, but as always, the snow doesn't hang around here very long once it stops falling. Even though the temperature didn't get above 28 degrees today, the main roads are clear for the most part. The county government will be operating on a 2 hour delay tomorrow so I have to go to work, bummer!!!! Zeke, you may get to see the remaining remnants of our first winter storm, but we may get lucky and have another one between now and March. Our worst storms, when we have them, usually occur in February or early March. The most accumulation we've ever had in my lifetime is 18 inches of snow. The bad thing around here is we don't have the equipment to handle any major snow storm so when we do have a heavy snow, it basically cripples us. Our winters are usually mild so when we get any kind of accumulation, it's a big deal. Be safe during your travels and welcome to NC. Happy Quilting,
  7. Sounds great Linda!! It would be great to talk to someone who loves quilting as much as I do. I've been piecing quilts for over 16 years, but I've only been quilting them myself for approximately 3+ years, and a year of that was spent renovating our previous house in order to sell it because I had no space to expand my quilting. The time that I have been quilting was done on a HDM or the APQS George. I took the plunge a few weeks ago and purchased a Millie, and I still can't believe she's in my house. It's been a bit of a learning curve for me and I'm trying to adjust to moving the machine instead of the fabric as well as having stitch regulation. I have watched Angela Huffman on Fons & Porter, and I'm trying to take her advise to just pick a few designs to master then add more as your skills improve. She also said that slow and steady wins the race. My problem is 1. I've never been known for my patience, and 2. I get bored doing the same design over and over. I'm currently trying to break these two issues because I know that I must if I want to be able to quilt as beautifully as the quilts I've seen done by others on this forum. My DH tells me all the time that what he's seen me do gets better the more that I do it, and I need to stop being so hard on myself because there's no such thing as perfection in quilting. He says that's what makes every quilt special and unique because it's the quilter's signature touch that makes it so special. Anyway, email me at and we'll make arrangements. Happy Quilting, Carmen
  8. I thought I would share a rare occurrence in my neck of the woods SNOW!!! Here in NC, we rarely get snow and when we do, it usually doesn't hang around for more than 2 or 3 days. While our snows can't compete with the western or northern snows, their a big deal for us, and we love watching the snow fall. This snow fall just might hang around a little longer than normal because of the arctic blast that follows the snow. That just means more quilting time for me. The scene in these pics can be viewed from both my sewing room and Millie's room. I'll get to experience a quilting day with beautiful scenery. ENJOY!!!
  9. My favorite soup to make is homemade vegetable beef soup. I slow cook a sirloin or chuck roast overnight seasoned with spices. The next day, I take the broth and divide it between two slow cookers, add all the vegetables we like, tomato sauce and petite diced tomatoes. I pull the meat apart with a fork and add it to both slow cookers. Once all the ingredients are added, I let it slow cook for the remainder of the day for dinner. I always make homemade corn bread to go with it. This is my families favorite soup. Happy Quilting, Carmen New Millie owner
  10. Yes, I listed it under used machines and sold it to someone within 48 hours. I hope you are able to find a George because it is a wonderful machine. I did three years worth of research before deciding on the best brand of long arm machine, not just the quality of machine but the customer support and service. Hands down, APQS was by far the best for me. Best of luck!!! Happy Quilting,
  11. Merry Christmas to you as well Mary Beth. May God Bless and keep you and your family safe this Christmas season. Carmen Finger New APQS Millie owner
  12. Wow!!!! I didn't realize we had this many APQS family members is North & South Carolina. Maybe we need to start up an APQS Quilt Guild or Longarm Guild; I think that would be a blast!! I just received my Millie and she was set up this past Sunday. I'm having so much fun playing and learning right now. I will say, it's going to take some getting use to after working on a sit down long arm where you have to move the fabric instead of the machine. By the way Zeke, there's another excellent quilt shop located in Concord, NC called We're Sew Creative. Mary Jo's Cloth Store is hugh and carries every kind of fabric known to man, and they've done a lot of improvements over the past few years. I have to say that Sew Much Fun and We'e Sew Creative are my two favorites. Travel safe, and welcome to North Carolina!!! Merry Christmas,
  13. Rita, I can totally relate. When you are in constant pain, and you feel like your never going to get any relief, staying positive isn't always easy no matter how hard you try. I have issues with C5 & C6 vertabraes in my neck that is pinching nerves. The constant pain runs down my back and left arm to the tips of my fingers. I had shots last year and the pain subsided for nearly a year and a half. The pain returned in late August, early September, and I tried to treat it myself with ice packs, pain meds when absolutely necessary and exercises they taught me last year. Nothing worked, so I had to call the doctor. I just had my second shot today. I'm hoping I won't have to have the third because these shots are expensive. I can say that the doctors are wonderful and very understanding of my pain. The last resort is surgery, and they try everything possible before it comes to such drastic measures. I really really do not want surgery so I follow their instructions to the letter. I told my doctor today that I really needed this shot to work because my Christmas present was setting in my house waiting to be set up on Sunday. He asked me what it was; I told him that I'm a quilter and my present is a APQS Millennium or Millie Long arm quilting machine. I described it to him and told him that it has been my dream for more than five years to own this machine. He was so nice asking me questions about quilting and trying to help me relax and take my mind off the procedure. He said he just might have to get me to make a quilt for him. I told him I'd be happy to make a quilt for him. I wish all my doctors were this wonderful. I really hope you get some relief soon Rita, and I will continue to pray for you. Merry Christmas Carmen
  14. I purchased my APQS George in June of 2015 and I have quilted approximately 7 small quilts (all wall hangings). Each wall hanging took approximately 30 minutes or less to quilt. Everything that George came with is included and I also purchased the extra foot kit that goes with George. The bobbin winder that comes with him has never been used and is still in the box. The quilt Halo and metal LED bendable light are also included. The only reason I am selling George is because I just purchased Millie!!! I am asking $5800 and I am located in North Carolina. If you are interested, please respond to this post or email me at Thanks for your interest. Merry Christmass & Happy Quilting, Carmen
  15. Hellow Roni, I have a 2015 George that I purchased in June of Last year that I'm about to list under Used Machines on the forum along with some pictures. Give me about an hour or less, and it will be posted. I just purchased the Millie, so I'm looking to sell my George. Take a look and let me know if you are interested. Thanks,