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    Making quilt tops and quilting them, reading, crocheting afghans, spending time with my family, meeting and getting to know other quilters; I love going to the North Carolina Mountains with my husband. I hope to someday run my own quilt shop, teach quilting and become an APQS dealer.

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  1. Fantastic work from both of you Linda. Wish I could have made it to the Charlotte Quilt Guild Show and seen it in person. I hope my quilting looks that good someday. I love the color combination your friend used in the quilt too. Makes me long for summer days. Congratulations to you both on a job very well done!!!!!!! Happy Quilting,
  2. Thanks to both you and your friend. Between piecing quilts and learning to quilt standing up instead of sitting down, a few weeks will be okay with me. I just hope that my quilting will be as beautiful as all the experienced quilters on this forum. Thanks again Libby. Happy Quilting,
  3. Wow Libby, the quilt and your quilting is stunning!! I love 1930's fabric. Do you happen to know the name of the pattern and who created it? I would love to make one for my MIL. I always enjoy seeing your work, it inspires me to be a better quilter. Thanks for sharing the eye candy. Happy Quilting,
  4. Welcome to the APQS Family Donna!!!!! You're gonna love your Millie. I purchased mine in December of last year, and I'm having a blast. Happy Quilting,
  5. Roseann, glad to hear you're on the road to recovery. Cancer has taken the lives of both my grandfather and my father so I know how important it is to take life one day at a time. Quilting is my outlet from the day to day stress of life, and it helps me appreciate the beauty of life when the ugly starts to interfere. I wish you all the best with your recovery as well as rebuilding your quilting to the point that makes you happy. Prayers and best wishes to you. Happy Quilting,
  6. Hey Linda, I would be interested in seeing what Pantos you have available, and we wouldn't even have to worry about shipping since we live so close to each other. You can email me at cdfinger@att.net when you find them. BTW, glad your back on the forum, and I hope the move went well. Happy Quilting
  7. Beautiful work from a great team. Hope to see more eye candy from you both. Happy Quilting
  8. I also had George (prior to my Millie), and I used to spray baste with no problems. I tried pin basting, but it wasn't my preferred method. After finishing a quilt on George, I would place a cloth under my foot in order to cover the plate, and clean the needle with a lightly damp lint free cloth or alcohol wipe. I never had any issues. I think you have to find what works best for you. You will love your George, he's a great machine. Happy Quilting,
  9. Great work, both piecing and quilting. I think I'd have to make this quilt more than once myself. I think I would like to make it using batiks!!! Hope to see more eye candy. Happy Quilting,
  10. Hey Nancy, I read an article a while back about the frixion Pens. What I found was that while heat will make the ink disappear, cold temperatures brings it back. I too wanted to use them on a quilt but decided not to after reading the article. I'm sorry I can't remember where I seen the article. I've also read about them on this forum from others. I did use them to mark seams when sewing half square triangles for example, but stopped doing that because I didn't want to take a chance that the ink would show up later. Happy Quilting,
  11. This quilt is stunningly beautiful!!! The replica of light behind the dragon flies makes their coloring even more prominent. Fantastic work Terry. Happy Quilting,
  12. Thank you Kathy for asking this question. I too wanted to know what the opinion was on this topic. I just purchased my Millie last month and wondered what method others used. I have been floating my tops, but have seen others using their quilt top roller. I wondered which method others preferred. I think Linda's right, it depends on what works best for you and the quilt you are working on at the time. Happy Quilting,
  13. Wow Linda, you're really friendly. I have to say though, you did a very nice job on the last "friendly" quilt so I'm confident you will do great!! I think I might have to charge extra for all the tucking and working in you're having to do, but I'm no where near being an expert quilter so I may be wrong. BTW, I responded to your email so I wanted to make sure you received it. Good luck with the quilting. Happy Quilting
  14. I periodically quilt for a little lady. She called me a few days ago asking me to quilt a small 4 block wall hanging. The only difference is she says it's dirty, and she wants it quilted before washing it. I'm not sure I want to quilt a dirty quilt on my brand new Millie. I haven't seen the quilt so I'm not sure how dirty it is yet. I would really appreciate some feedback from my APQS family on this issue. Should I quilt it as is or could it damage my Millie? Should I tell her that it must be washed before I can quilt it? What would you do if you were asked to quilt a dirty quilt? Your comments and suggests are welcome. Thanks for your advice. Happy Quilting,
  15. No Libby, that's okay. I can't imagine how it feels to experience all the snow that people have to deal with out west or up north. In my neck of the woods, we get just enough to make us happy. After the snow and ice as well as the frigid temperatures we have been experiencing since last Friday, this coming weekend is going to feel like spring with temperatures reaching the low to mid 70's. While we would like to experience a little more snow than we do, we really don't want to be snowed in for really long periods of time. Happy Quilting,