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pieced piano keys

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Depends on the quilt but don't be afraid to "go outside the lines."  Sometimes I just SID, sometimes I SID and then fill in every other one, sometimes I do a feather border, or even do a geometric design such as diamonds or squares.  I try to use something from the middle of the quilt if I can or do a treatment that will compliment the quilt.

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I've had great results with just stitching 1/4" on both sides of the seam (no stress to SID that way).

Cindy Thompson

(My perfect quilting combo...Milli and Quiltazoid)

Chrome Top Quilts

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You can SID one, then stitch lines 1/4" or 1/2" apart on the next one, providing there are the right number of "keys" to make it work.  It creates a bead board type of effect.

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