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  1. Stitch regulator stitch length

    I had that problem with my Millie. Jim is correct, it involved replacing a board.
  2. Have you dropped your bobbin case? If you have one try a different bobbin case and see if that helps. What happens if you use a bobbin that you have wound rather than a pre wound? If it is just one batch of pre wounds that you having trouble with it is possible that they may be at fault. The bobbin spring does need to be removed if you are using the magnetic FilTec bobbins.
  3. mumellis

    Have you tried contacting one of the APQS reps in the UK? You could also send an e-mail to the service department in the U.S. and try to get help that way. I had a similar issue with my 2008 Millie and if I remember correctly it required a board to be replaced. If that is the case it is something that you can do yourself, it wasn't a big deal to install. Welcome to the forum.
  4. Donna, You might try to contact Ron Paul I think that he lives somewhere in the Napa/Sonoma area. I believe that he works on brands other than Gammill. You may have seen him at quilt shows. He and Laura are reps for IQ.
  5. NQR...New Addition

    Cute. Clearly she is in charge!
  6. Rotary Cutter Blades

    I have been using a titanium blade too. It may just be wishful thinking but the blade does seem sharper than a regular blade. I bought my first one, which is still going strong at a quilt show about eighteen months ago and the second one at my local Joann's with a coupon.
  7. Comparing APQS Millie with Handi Quilter Infinity

    I would check to see if the Handi Quilter allows you to make simple repairs and adjustments yourself, or if you have to ship it back to the factory. On the APQS machines we can do many things ourselves. Help is just a phone call away. If it is necessary to ship the machine back to the factory it can become costly quickly. Good luck with your soon to be business.
  8. CraftOptics

    Bonnie Hunter wrote about these on her blog several months ago. She uses them and is impressed with them. At one point she had arranged a discount for her readers. I don't know how long it was valid. Try doing a search on her blog and see if you can find the info.
  9. I have used this type of batting without issues. It has been a while so I don't remember any specifics. I usually have a piece of batting soaked in mineral oil above the thread cone whatever the batting. I am sure that I probably used it with a variety of different threads. I am not sure this is any help to you other than suggesting that you try the batting/mineral oil if you are not already doing that. Good luck finding a solution.
  10. Finished this one a few days ago...

    Beautiful. You make a great team.
  11. I have used Sakura Micron #1 archival ink. You will need to heat set the ink with an iron. They are available on Amazon.
  12. Demo Machines

    Have you tried contacting your local APQS dealer?
  13. Yes, it is a wonderful thing!

    This may be a little far for you to travel, Road to California is held in Ontario, California every January.
  15. Lavender Rose 2

    What a wonderful gift!