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  1. Demo Machines

    Have you tried contacting your local APQS dealer?
  2. Yes, it is a wonderful thing!

    This may be a little far for you to travel, Road to California is held in Ontario, California every January.
  4. Lavender Rose 2

    What a wonderful gift!
  5. Lavender Rose

    It looks wonderful and puts you in the running for Grandad of the Year award!
  6. Mary Beth, Are you referring to the spam do dad? If you are did you add the numbers together? I am so used to just typing what is shown that I didn't initially realize that I was supposed to add the numbers and not just type them!! If I had read the instructions I would have done better.
  7. As Cagey suggests try Road to California. Sign ups have begun so I am not sure how many of the classes have sold our. I have taken quite a few of the longarm classes since they began offering them. Jamie Wallen is a very generous and kind teacher. He teaches using Innova machines and unfortunately they are usually housed in an old auto showroom down the road from the show and it has seen better days! If you are looking for a drawing class I have heard great things about Sue Heinz. There are a number of names teaching longarm classes that you will probably recognize. If you do decide to go make your hotel reservations as soon as possible. Most people just book during the show for the following year so things get booked up pretty quickly.
  8. Road to CA 218

    You will have fun, it is a great show.
  9. Circle Lord Advice

    Nope, it is a different size but the R & S stylus does fit in the CL stylus holder.
  10. Circle Lord Advice

    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your Lucey. I have both Circle Lord and R & S boards and like them both. The Circle Lord boards are longer and you buy them as a set. They snap together like jig saw pieces and they usually come in king or queen sets. The two brands do use their own style stylus. R & S are purchased as separate boards. As I don't have a business that allows me to buy more designs as they are less expensive and I can buy two boards and flip them as I go along. I have at times just bought one board to see if I like the design stitched out. I mark around the board on the clear plastic on the table with a dry erase or washable marker, move the board, mark, etc. across the table before I begin. The boards use rubber washers fitted into a groove to fix them together. As far as instructions on their use, Circle Lord does have some instructions and Michael is always happy to answer questions. I don't remember if R & S have instructions or not but the boards are pretty straightforward as far as use and I am sure they would be more than happy to answer any questions. R & S are currently having a sale through July 17th.
  11. Beverly's Bouquet #2

    I love the way you have quilted this very pretty quilt.
  12. Fancy Forest Quilt

    Great job on a fun quilt. Elizabeth Hartman has some wonderful patterns. The ones that I have bought seem to have a zillion pieces!
  13. Help Milly won't turn on

    Hi Pam, Welcome to the forum. I don't know where you are located. If you are in Canada you will have two fuses rather than just the one in the US.
  14. Hi Tracey, Welcome to the forum. I don't know if you will find the fabrics that you are looking for but this site has a large selection of Kaffe. Happy hunting!
  15. Vintage Quilt