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  1. Is it stitch regulated?
  2. Square or round tube table?
  3. Sounds like something is caught in the tension discs. Take it apart and clean it should do the trick.
  4. Actually I'm done with my brackets and have been using them for a couple of months. Just need to patent. I can do a 12 inch on point with plenty of from to spare. The biggest panto so far was about 19 inch plus.
  5. FYI. I am finishing development of brackets that will gain you two more inches of throat space without needing a Millie 30! More news soon.
  6. If no interest in the whole thing, sell the fabric advance motor and pedal setup. That should sell easily.
  7. Can you provide pictures of what is left?
  8. Never looked back. Best decision we ever made.
  9. Intelliquilter may be available too.
  10. I found this out there on Red Thread Financial. Might be a deal for someone. APQS Lennie located in Shepherdsville, KY Includes a 12′ table, stitch regulator, auto needle positioner, single stitch, laser light, Wrights deluxe Bobbin Winder and Bliss Asking $7,499. Buyer is responsible for shipping. If interested or need further information please contact the seller at Home (502)-215-6740 or Cell (502)-523-8883
  11. That's pretty old. Be careful.
  12. Don't you mean QUILTAZOID? Might change your title to get more responses. That should sell quick. That's an incredible buy!!
  13. I believe it is a 2012. It's the white machine without touch screen. Might be a 2013. I'd have to check the serial number. We bought it direct from the Des Moines showroom.