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Hi! I am new to this forum and a new Longarm Quilter. I also don't have an APQS machine, this is just the best forum I could find that hopefully someone could give me some tips. I quilt with a Kenquilt Royal longarm that is just a champ! I am having trouble with variegated king tut thread, I get lots of skipped stitches and top thread breakage. I have fiddled with tensions to no end. I at first was trying to run the variegated in the bobbin too, but I have switched to solid perma core in the bobbin, but I am still having trouble. It will sew perfect for about a foot or so and then it will either start skipping, or it will break the top thread. Anyone have any tips?? It does seem to be worse when I am pushing away from me or when I am going around a curve. I go from left to right as much as I can and try to keep my speed slow and steady. I have tried groz beckert size 18 in both regular and the titanium needle, and now I am trying a size 20 but still no luck...Help!

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Hi Hazel and welcome.  Many of us have pulled our hair out trying to run King Tut in the beginning but it will get easier as you learn your machine.  On my machine I unwrap the 3 hole guide and bring the thread up the first hole and down the third hole and I also back off my upper tension about two turns.  Every place the thread touches will create some drag (tension) so if you can skip a guide or two that should help with the breaking.  The skipped stitches are needle flex or timing.  Do you get skipped stitches with other threads?  A larger needle (you have already) and a shorter stitch length should help with the flex.  On our APQS machines we have the hook slightly deflect the needle when we setup the timing, this is contrary to what sewing machine mechanics are taught but it works well for our application.  I am sure someone else will be along with some suggestions.



Brenda Wells - Green Millie
Nigel Wells - Ultimate 1 with |Intellistitch & IQ

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