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  1. I think this can apply to yarn, fiber for spinning and most hobbies:D:D:D Besides the fabric, you should see the boxes of fiber I have for spinning into yarn:P:D:o:D
  2. Sorry I can't help you. If you play around with paper and pencil, you might figure out the best way to quilt it.
  3. Sharon had part of her site free at one time. I looked at the videos then and she does have good ideas. But I haven't been there in a long time and heard that there were problems with the site.
  4. You can't lose by going to either one. I have been to both on different years and they both were excellent.
  5. My daughters have already laid claim to which quilts they will inherit:D I know they will be loved after my passing which won't be for a very long time! Sandra what a great idea to add a matching bag for storage with a label.
  6. Great cabinet, but it looks like you'll be needing another one soon:P:P
  7. I think it is beautiful just the way it is. I'd leave it alone.
  8. If you measure the quilt when the customer is there, you can find out what they want to do. Do they want to fix it or do they want you to fix it? As Linda is a perfect time to gently educate them on measuring twice and sewing the borders on once.
  9. I think if there is a difference that is larger than 1 inch I would call the customer and see if they want to fix it or if they want to PAY you to fix it. Charge an hourly rate and keep track of the time. Here in the states I would charge a minimum of $20 per hour to do any repair work. My time is money. Some LA'ers might go with 1/2 inch difference in length. I really think that anything over 1/2 inch is noticeable.
  10. Madelyn, It would be a good excuse to check up on the house:)
  11. If I still lived in Wisconsin, I'd come see you and your yurt! (I think I have moved too much:o I still have a house for sale in Wisconsin)
  12. Just beautiful! I can't wait to see what you do with the pink one too!
  13. Addicted, yes, but it is a far better addiction than some other stuff!
  14. If you can afford it go with add a fabric advance. I love mine.
  15. It isn't your fault. It is the batting and backing combination. I agree with trying to wash it. Sometime you can poke the batting back in with crochet hook, a fine one, but it would take hours. Next time a customer brings you this brand of batting, tell them you have had bearding problems and you won't quilt with it. This only helps with next time. Take a deep breath, relax and weigh the options before you do anything. If you decide to skin it, I agree with Heidi, hand it back and let someone else quilt it.
  16. The liberty is a great machine and this is at a great price. Hope someone snatches this up soon!
  17. Welcome Dawn. Definitely see if putting the frame at an angle in the room will work. There are several LA'ers that have their machines set up this way. I had a quilt business for 5 years and rarely got a king sized quilt. But that was my business maybe others get more king sized quilts than I did.