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  1. lindasewsit

    Vintage Quilt

    Oh my word!!! This is BEAUTIFUL!!!
  2. lindasewsit

    I cleaned my studio

    Seriously!!!! Come sometime!!!! I'm pretty sure Charlotte has Southwest!!! Oh my goodness!!! Would that ever be fun!!!!!! We REALLY need to plan something!!! I have a guest bedroom now!!!!
  3. lindasewsit

    I cleaned my studio

    Mary Beth.... You can come anytime and quilt in my new studio when it is finished!!! We'd have a blast!!!!
  4. Shana, You are a BRAVE woman!!!
  5. lindasewsit

    Triple Barn Star

  6. lindasewsit

    and another - Jo Morton design

    Quilt and quilting are wonderful!!!
  7. Yikes! Let us know if you do it! I think I would have said no right off the bat! Whew!!!
  8. lindasewsit

    Counting down to retirement

    Congrats, Jeanne! You'll probably LOVE it!
  9. lindasewsit

    Not as Easy as I Hoped

    Thanks, Mary!!
  10. lindasewsit

    Not as Easy as I Hoped

    The video I watched ended before he finished putting the top on....
  11. lindasewsit

    Not as Easy as I Hoped

    I really liked this video!! I wish it went all the way through to finish the top of the quilt!He is doing it differently than I do and I really like the way he is doing it! Is there another video that finishes it up?? Who has those leader grips? They look awesome! I have zippers, which I like, but these look much quicker!!
  12. Hi Sue! I have not tried that. I use Quilter's Dream Batting. But I would like to try the Warm Company batting. I will be watching for replies also!!!
  13. lindasewsit

    My Accomplished Quilting :)

    I LOVE this quilt and your quilting is wonderful!!!!!
  14. lindasewsit

    I'm back!

    Hi Patty! Just recently got back on here myself! I'm getting used to the new forum!! I'm so oldschool! Ha! Takes me a long time!