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  1. Have you made sure the thread is going between the tension disks properly? Sometimes it can appear to be between the disks properly .but if you look real close it can be behind them. Carol
  2. I love it too. I love it when a quilt comes together for a certain person
  3. Can a person, install the M bobbin upgrade themselves ? Also does the M slow down the Millie ? I have a 2006
  4. I fully understand the health issues. You do absolutely beautiful work and I feel for you selling your machine. I wish you all the best with your health. Carol
  5. Probably has happened to a lot of us over the years ! lol
  6. WOW !!! WHAT A SHOW STOPPER Absolutely gorgeous
  7. Do you have gout? Women do get it too. My late husband would get gout in his big toe. It hurt so bad and impeded his walking.
  8. Beautiful quilt and quilting. I love pinwheels and your feathers are glorious.
  9. Yes with paypal y ou also can enter the numbers manually ,as well as a swipe ,you only see the credit card number when you actually input them. You can also refund money too.
  10. Yeah PayPal sends you a blue triangle scanner u can take any credit card and it goes directly to your account
  11. I sell quilts or quilting at a flea market and I use Paypal. Not a lot of people use that service. Here in WV.
  12. I'm still using my 2006 Millie. I love it. It would have to be pried from my cold dead fingers. LOL
  13. try unscrewing the needle, then push it up tightly, screw the screw back in. Hopefully that works