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  1. how about your check spring, it's on the tension do ey, they get weak and don't spring like they should after a while.
  2. readjust it on the table, so it is where you need it to be. hopefully that will help
  3. I think it could be the Batik, suggestions that have been given are slow way down, and loosen the quilt a notch or two. Good luck
  4. Give yourself permission to PLAY. just load up a piece of material or a user friendly quilt panel and stitch. Don't unstitch, just PLAY. you will find freedom in play, When you started school, you didn't start in Gr 5, you started in Kindergarten. So PLAY. Hugs, you will get it, we all had to start somewhere.
  5. Lol, its also in a book called Scrap Quilts using Fast Patch, by Anita Hallock (contemporary quilting)1991
  6. Wow, you rocked the quilting on this quilt. congratulations
  7. they're so quick to download, wait and don't buy all you think you'd like at once. (unless they're on sale, LOL) some I've used over and over, and some are still waiting for the right ?!? quilt. Make sure you make folders for all your patterns, on the computer and on the IQ. it's very easy to get overwhelmed and "loose" patterns, when they aren't where you think you put them. ask me how I know. enjoy and have fun
  8. Okay, I'm in the midst of downsizing, but NO, not my machine. OMG Hugs to you. It's hard enough to downsize, We're redoing our basement and we're going to live down there, and rent out the upstairs (3 bedrooms) We live on 15 acres, have a huge shop and our daughter lives in a mobile on our property. No one wanted to move, except me, cause I don't want to have to clean a huge house anymore. So the old folks, get to move to the one level. Sure was fun going out and getting new appliances etc., but the gyproc dust is awful. Please know that I appreciate your downsizing, It is hard, but so much better that you get to do it, rather than the kids or spouse. Hope you sell everything for a decent price.
  9. I'm in Canada, (BC) and would sell mine, they are great, I'm just using my IQ more and more.
  10. Vicki, Love the idea of DVD's, because I live in Canada, it's not always that easy to get to a big show, I've done a couple and they're awsome, but DVD's really help you to PPP. New ideas etc. UTube is also a great learning tool, and even if you just pick up one tiny little thing in each class, soon you're just that much more talented. And of course the great sharing community of APQS and MQR. Most everyone is so giving of their pictures and ideas. You can learn a lot.
  11. The do hickey attached to the thing a m jig isn't working. Sorry, Jim, but in MHO you're fighting a losing battle.
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