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  1. I have the same set up as Lisa C as I rent my machine and many customers have zippers.
  2. The Ult II is a work horse but nothing can be added to it. the wheels are set up to run on top of the rails not suspended from the rails. Don't know which table Teresa has. It is not stitch regulated.
  3. Couldn't beat the price with both rulers. I am pleased to get it. Thanks for sharing the info Zeke.
  4. It isn't a big deal which side is up as long as you can find a spot to line up the next row. Spacing of the rows is more important than direction.
  5. I am very proud to be among the first majority female city council in Summit Co. Ohio. ( we think maybe in the state)
  6. I do t-shirt quilts all the time. They are a main stay of my business. I charge extra for sashing and borders. The regular charge in my area is $22.00 a shirt . Only includes batting and backing and binding. If they want special backing that is on the customer to bring to me. I do simple quilting on the t-shirt quilts.
  7. Here is my 5 generation picture taken Sept. 5th. MaryBeth.
  8. I am going to try it Mary Beth. This is a friend ship Quilt. Each tree was made by a different friend, I made all the stars. I call it my Forest of Friends.
  9. Check on the list of dealers to see who is close to you. I do make house calls but you are a bit far for me.
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