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  1. I have the same set up as Lisa C as I rent my machine and many customers have zippers.
  2. I do t-shirt quilts all the time. They are a main stay of my business. I charge extra for sashing and borders. The regular charge in my area is $22.00 a shirt . Only includes batting and backing and binding. If they want special backing that is on the customer to bring to me. I do simple quilting on the t-shirt quilts.
  3. I make 30 to 60 t-shirt quilts a year. From 9 to 36 shirts. I never stabilize them unless there is something wrong with the shirt. I use either 80/20 cotton or poly batting which ever the customer wants. I have used fleece on the back with no problems. I use the swirl boards by Circle Lord or an all over meander that covers nicely .
  4. The blue insert is to help keep the bobbin in place. Some of the older cases didn't have the insert. You can order replacement springs from apqs. they fit all our cases. If nothing is lose and the machine is running correctly , don't worry about the rattle too much. Call APQS if it really worries you.
  5. Many of those kit were not printed squarely to begin with. Sometimes you can block them and use heavy starch to keep them that way till quilted. We had many quilt tops to be finished that we just used the design as the back of quilt tops. We loaded the quilt upside down to follow the design.
  6. The blue is a fleece backing on the yellow border quilt. it was my first time with it and I love it. I had no problems with the fleece.
  7. Dell d, i waited for you to start the thread. I did get 4 of the 5 quilts I said I need to do by today done. here are the pics. last one is in the frame. I still have to bind them. 100_1890 by bjcoburn, on Flickr 100_1902 by bjcoburn, on Flickr 100_1904 by bjcoburn, on Flickr 100_1899 by bjcoburn, on Flickr 100_1900 by bjcoburn, on Flickr
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