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  1. Thanks for that, Debbie! Did you attend the show yesterday? This is my first time entering MQX East. I understand that their entries were up by 30% this year so I am delighted to have won a ribbon in very esteemed company! Just wish they had spelled my name correctly (an extra e in the last name) but oh well. Thanks to Stacy Koehler…can't wait to see the judges' comments! Nancy in Tucson
  2. LOL…you guys are too much! Annie: Nope, this quilt won't be at the new AQS Phoenix show next month. The submit deadline interfered with the Tucson show…gotta support your local Guild first, right? I put two other quilts into the Phoenix show…based on the names of the quilters involved, it promises to to be a great show. Thanks for all your encouragement. I love this forum! Nancy in Tucson
  3. Hi everyone…thanks so much for all your kind words. I worked on that quilt for a full year, showing it to almost no one. It was so gratifying to get a great response from the judges & viewers at the Tucson Quilt Fiesta. Now all of you have really made my week! Lyn…What are you thinking? A trilogy of dragon quilts? I think not! This is NOT the first in my dragon series…it's a one & done. After it is sent to a few shows, the quilt will go to the tattoo artist responsible for the original image. She's become a friend and my husband actually commissioned me to make it as a wedding gift for her. I get to keep the dragon image forever, though. He has similar ones tattooed on his ribcage. Sylvia…I used two different machine appliqué techniques on the quilt…Sharon Schamber's invisible machine appliqué which is turned edge & zig zagged with monofilament (I used 100 weight silk instead) and also Jane Sassaman's method which involves fusing interfacing to the back of each piece before satin stitching the raw edges. A topstitch with thick thread (I used 28 weight cotton) is then applied to both sides of the satin stitch to make the edges really clean looking. It's labor intensive but I just couldn't get the hang of hand appliqué. I use the Sassaman method on all my Dia de los Muertos quilts. Nothing on the quilt is painted. All commercially available cotton fabrics - everything came from the stash except the background fabric and the backing. Anyway, thanks so much to all of you who commented. It is heartwarming. Nancy in Tucson
  4. Will now attempt to load photos of my new quilt: The Quilt with the Dragon Tattoo from the Tucson Quilt Fiesta last weekend. My record with adding photos is not too good…hope this will work. When my husband became obsessed with THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO books & movies, I collaborated with tattoo artist Stephanie Davis to include my favorite quilting motifs (feathers, spirals, dots) into an original drawing of a Chinese dragon. Then I turned the black & white drawing into this quilt. It is machine appliquéd and was quilted on my APQS George machine with feathers, several traditional Sashiko patterns and some scribbling or thread painting. Silk, metallic, cotton, rayon and polyester threads in all sizes (12 to 100) were used in the decorative stitching and quilting. Started in January 2013, completed January 2014.
  5. I agree...the applique is very nice but what makes the quilt is your extraordinary quilting. Congratulations! Nancy in Tucson
  6. Really beautiful quilting! Thanks so much for sharing the photos with us. Nancy in Tucson
  7. Carolyn: Thanks so much for sharing your amazing quilting with us. I remember well the first six months of MY honeymoon with MY George...It was NOT all lollipops and roses. We're BFF's now and living happily ever after but I'm glad to hear that you and your George have hit it off like this. Please continue to inspire us all with your work. Nancy in Tucson
  8. Love your studio, Oma! Thanks so much for sharing all those pictures. One thing you didn't show us is how you store your thread. It doesn't look like it's in the storage under your machine. I would LOVE to have your rubber stamp shelves for my thread collection. Where do you keep yours?
  9. I'm with Dory. I also change needles to accommodate different thicknesses of thread.
  10. Hi Karen: I tried emailing Judy at the address you gave but it is coming back marked 'domain name not found'. Are you sure it is satex.rr.com? Thanks...your quilt is so pretty!
  11. Just my 2 cents to add. Some battings have grain so, if you can figure it out, use the lengthwise grain. Also, the best way to get ANY quilt to lay flat is to block it.
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