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  1. Dell, your quilting is beautiful! I love the molar feathers and the curved cross hatching. This is a very cool quilt!
  2. Valerie, seriously, wasn't it just a short year ago that you were so afraid you had made a big mistake buying a Longarm!?! This is an adorable quit and you did such a great job quilting it -I love all the textures you brought to it. Your quilting is really amazing!!
  3. I love these Crabtree patterns and they always put the " I want to do that too! " bug in me, but really my plate is quite full enough. I love the little personal things your customer did for her husband! And Linda, your quilting really does take the quilt to a new fantastic level! Well, I meant Crabapple Hill but it came out Crabtree!!!
  4. Connie, so sorry for your loss. I hope the days you were able to spend quilting with her have given you good memories.
  5. This is a great tip, definitely going to try. Thanks everyone!
  6. I can only get to the makeup artist site on my ipad. I will try later on my PC. I expect it will be expensive for me too, Dave!
  7. I so totally agree with everything said, everything about this quilt is over the top wonderful!
  8. There is something about having a day totally to yourself! Sounds like you got ALOT done, and Downton Abbey is a perfect ending, love that show!
  9. Wow, what amazing texture on the frog quilt! And I love your red white and black oriental fabrics, just love how you quilted your Perfect Ten!
  10. Yay, my Millie is running but not racing, we are so lucky to have Amy!! I finally got home today early enough to give Amy a call, and she called me back even though it was after 5 central time. She gave me a couple of things to try and one of them worked. Unfortunately I am not sure which, but it was either blowing out the area behind the optical wheel attached to the motor, or a very slight adjustment I made to the wheel itself. Anyway, I spent my first hour in a long time just swirling and feathering around a practice piece and felt grand! Thank you APQS and Amy!
  11. Cindy, you really did an over-the-top job on this quilt!! I love all the different elements, perfect choices, especially love the cross hatching next to the beautiful feathers. This is a complicated log cabin with stars, my personal favorite-- I really love the pattern. It sounds like others have done this also, is the pattern name "Eureka" ?
  12. I love your quilting on this, especially the swirly feather flower fill (or whatever it's called! LOL). I always have problems with light matching thread or very dark matching thread. I am going to try Dell's suggestion next time, I have a clip on photo light but need to try turning off the machine light....
  13. Thanks for the very good laugh - no wonder my closets and drawers are so full!
  14. Shana, what a wonderful way to contribute your beautiful skills to your community! It must be very scary to be young and homeless in wintery Fairbanks. How great that your community has stepped up to help these kids.
  15. Zeke, if you are asking about my machine, I don't have a clue, I thought I put her away well! If you are asking about me, so far, fortunately, it is probably just age. Every doctor I have seen says "but you are very healthy, so your hands will get better". I have arthritis in my thumbs, and in the process of getting my right hand better, I did something to my left hand and wrist, so that I could not use it at all. Later my upper back started giving me problems, but physical therapy is helping a lot with that, and my therapist suspects that my back is part of the problem with my hands. Wait
  16. Wow, those are beautiful, almost makes me wish I lived in snow!
  17. Thanks, Dave, hopefully a quick fix, I am so ready to do some machine quilting! I have been able to piece off and on so the list of tops just grows and grows. A very belated Happy New Year to all of you on the forum and at APQS. I am sorry I have not been participating on the forums lately, just lurking once in a while. I was not even able to talk quilting for a while! Then the wild and crazy holidays, glad I am on the other side of the new year!
  18. That's what I thought, just my luck! LOL
  19. I was forced, due to hand and back problems, to abandon my Millie for the last several months, since September really. I am finally well enough to get back to machine quilting, but Millie has not having it! Before I stopped quilting, I gave her a good cleaning and then parked her out of the way, unplugged her, and covered her completely with her blankie. Yesterday, I checked oil wicks before I turned her on, started her up slowly, with a warm up of about 9spi, and ran her for about 5 minutes, then put her in SR mode to warm up SR and right out of the gate the motor went into overdrive. Sca
  20. I second all the other comments! Linda, you are awe-inspiring! Thanks for sharing the before story and the results of you beautiful work!!
  21. When I needed to replace them, I got those pads with sticky backs used for chair legs or furniture protection in the smallest size. Found them at the hardware store.
  22. Peggy, I never use compressed air in the bobbin area of my DSM, and this rule probably applies to embroidery machines also. There is a lot going on in the area that houses the bobbin, and in newer models that are self oiling, opening them up to clean is discouraged. (I used to have an old singer that I regularly took apart and cleaned and oiled, loved that!) Your Longarm, on the other hand, has no feed dogs, and the only other thing in the bobbin area is the gear box (at least on APQS) which is sealed tight. So compressed air is a great tool. Right now I just use canned air from Costco, but
  23. Dell, those borders are beautiful! I can't wait to see the whole quilt. Are the outside borders hand or machine appliqued? What a ton of work either way!!!
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