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    LinneaMarie got a reaction from quiltmonkey in What to do about pokies!   
    I finally did finish it. And Shana is right; it was the backing because it was homespun loose woven stuff. But I changed to Quilters Dream BLACK poly so all went great after that. 
    On a side note, I used it on a set of placemats and the backing was RJR Thimbleberries from a long time ago. I had the same problem!
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    LinneaMarie reacted to jimerickson in What to do about pokies!   
    LinneaMarie:  Shana's right about the fabric, but I'd like to add that the 80/20 batting you're using isn't the best when it comes to bearding as well.  I prefer to use a poly or more preferably, wool because they don't beard.  I don't use 80/20 much anymore unless the customer wants cotton batting.  Jim
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    LinneaMarie reacted to quiltmonkey in What to do about pokies!   
    LinneaMarie, it's not the batting, it's the backing fabric. Can you change the backing fabric?
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    LinneaMarie got a reaction from quiltmonkey in What to do about pokies!   
    I've got POKIES!! I hate pokies. I thought it was me, but this is the second quilt with them. The first was for me; just placemat. This one is a customer and it's homespun front and BACK! I'm using Hobbs 80/20. It used to be wonderful; not so much anymore!! So i'm thinking of taking out two rows and using Quilters Dream Blend. Shoulda known!!
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    LinneaMarie reacted to LibbyG in bearding   
    Double batting shows the quilting beautifully, but be careful if you use rulers.  They have a tendency to catch on the hopping foot because the batting is so thick.  For normal quilts one layer is best.  Try Dream poly if you don't want pokies.  Hobbs 80/20 used to be nicer to use.
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    LinneaMarie reacted to PamelaG in Batting poking through on back   
    I had that problem with the cheap batting Joanns sells. If someone brings me that I refuse to use it anymore. 
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    LinneaMarie reacted to Terry Draughon in Batting poking through on back   
    Fought the battle of pokies for so long using Hobbs batting and stitch form never really hit the quality level I was looking for..   Finally learned my lesson.  Without sounding like a Quilters Dream salesman,  I will never switch back to anything else. The "Select" thickness is fine, and it helps with stitch form inside the quilt.  The "Deluxe" thickness is even better with stitch form but be ready for a heavy quilt. Also I'm leaning toward 50 wt. poly thread rather than 40 wt.  Good luck.  

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    LinneaMarie reacted to loraquilts in Latest blog post is up - just some food for thought   
    Connie,  I'm sorry, but there's no way you did 27 years in the Navy.  In your picture your only in your late 20's or early 30's, so unless the Navy started hiring embryos, I'm going to call shenanigans! 
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    LinneaMarie reacted to ffq-lar in Trimming Question   
    I never trim a customer quilt, even if there is a massive amount of backer or batting left when finished. I do trim the bottom edge of batting if I need to roll back to do more quilting, since otherwise that extra can bunch up when reversed and cause problems---but I trim so two inches of batting extends beyond the edge. You never know what the customers plan is. She may want to fold the backer to the front for binding. She may want a binding wider than 1/4". If you've used double batting or something puffy like wool, enclosing the edge may take a wider binding to get a consistent width. I've never had anyone ask for trimming and never offered the service. Too many ways it can go wrong, especially if the quilt isn't square. 
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    LinneaMarie reacted to quiltmonkey in Trimming Question   
    I used to trim down to 1/2" for my customers but I don't do that anymore. The only time I trim is when I need to ship a quilt back in a box. Trimming reduces the bulk in the packaging. 
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    LinneaMarie got a reaction from quilterkp in Tea stain a quilt?   
    I did tea stain a whole quilt. The problem is it washes out after time. Mine is now back to the original colors of 7 or 8 years ago!!:o
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    LinneaMarie reacted to barbm in Schmetz industrial needles   
    Jill, the Schmetz needles that you received with your George ARE the proper needles for your machine.  The rest of our APQS machines use the Singer/Groz Beckert needles, but George is timed (usually) for the Schmetz needles.  You can use those needles without worry!
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    LinneaMarie reacted to Beachside Quilter in Magna Glide Bobbin tips   
    Remove bobbin spring; place bobbin in case with magnetic core on bottom.
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    LinneaMarie reacted to Mercedes in stinking loops of top thread on back...again   
    See below for a thread from Dawn on loops on the back....
    Check the thread path to be sure that the thread isn't escaping the tension disks occasionally. Put a small piece of batting (wadding) in the first thread guide directly above the cone.Your thread should be "trapped" between the thread guide and the batting. This trick helps to prevent the thread from jumping out of the tension disks unexpectedly and then snapping itself back in when the thread gets taut again. The second thing that causes loops is a scratch or burr on the hook assembly. That little burr grabs your top thread and carries it around the bobbin twice (and sometimes more), which makes a double-size loop on the back. Take a look at your hook assembly with a magnifying glass to see if you can find any scratch or burr. If you find one, smooth it out with very fine sandpaper or emery cloth.  The third thing that can cause random loops is the location of the hook finger. The top thread must sneak through the opening between the hook finger and the bobbin basket with every stitch. If that relationship is too close, then occasionally the top thread gets pinched for just a moment (or it breaks) and the extra long loop forms.  
    Like This  
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    LinneaMarie reacted to chickenscratch in Y'all will be proud of me-I turned down a quilting job   
    You all know that I have really been working hard to build my customer base, including taking some less that perfect tops and doing the best I can with them.  A new customer contacted me and wanted quilting done. Nothing fancy- just a groovy board.   I was all set to start on it, but I ran into several problems.  The top was terribly out of square and had a parachute in the middle. The backing was 4 inches too narrow.  There is simply nothing I can do with it.  Here is the letter I sent by email today.
    Dear ,
    I find that I will be unable to quilt your top at this time.  As a longarm quilter, one of the things I must do before loading a quilt on the frame is insure that it is square- both the backing and the quilt top. This is necessary to maintain a straight and evenly spaced pattern, and to prevent taking tucks or pleats in the quilt top during the quilting process.  Unfortunately, your quilt top has some discrepancies in width and length.  There are a number of reasons this could occur, and if you need advice on remedying the situation I can help.
    The top narrow width of the quilt is 103.5 inches.  The other narrow end is 102 inches.  Across the center, the quilt is 108.5 inches.  That leaves a difference of 5 inches.  There is no way to quilt that flat and maintain the integrity of the quilt top.  You will end up with a big "cup" in the middle that will have to be eased in by taking tucks or moving fabric around.  In a quilt with so many straight lines and 45 degree angles, that would mess up the look your beautiful piecing pattern that you put so much hard work into.  The lengths on the long side have a similar issue.
    The most common reason this occurs is because people cut the outer sashing strips to a certain length (usually what the pattern says) and then pull that long straight piece tight as they attach it to the pieced quilt top. The easiest way to fix it would be to create new outer sashing strips that are closer to the actual measurement of the pieced section.  By removing your outer borders and placing your quilt on a hard flat surface, you can see if it is truly flat and square. then cut the outer strips to fit.
    I will be returning your quilt top, backing, and batting in the original box it arrived in. I will mail your check back in a separate envelope.  If you are able to get the sashing strips adjusted so the quilt is square and flat, I will happily quilt it for you.  It is really stunning and I can tell you put a lot of hard work into creating it.
    Teresa Taylor
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    LinneaMarie reacted to dbams in Fun clock!   
    Had to laugh when I saw this on Amazon!

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    LinneaMarie reacted to Gator in Hobbs Heirloom Wool Batting - newbie   
    I'm with the others wool is my favorite batting!  However, I'm a "Quilter's Dream" girl.  Sounds like you have everything under control.  I'm not sure what the other ladies and gents on here do with their batting but instead of laying it out to rest, I put it in the dryer for 20 minutes on refresh or if you don't have refresh, cool air.
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    LinneaMarie reacted to Quilting Heidi in Hobbs Heirloom Wool Batting - newbie   
    I use mostly QD wool but I've never had a bearding issue with it.  New needle would be wise.  
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    LinneaMarie reacted to kkey1030 in Chicago International Quilt Festival   
    It's the same folks who put on the show in Houston every year (Quilts Inc).  I go almost every year (of course, I live 20 minutes away).  There are great classes at the show, and a lot of vendors.  I usually feel content with going only one day, but I don't take any of the classes.  The space is huge. 
    You can check out the website here:  http://www.quilts.com/home/shows/
    I like that this show usually has something for everyone--from the very traditional (even historical) quilts to the most recent art quilts. 
    Be sure to check out the list of vendors at the website. 
    I've had two quilts exhibited at this show--one that was an art quilt from way back in 1995 when we were just figuring out what an art quilt is, and one as part of a traveling exhibit called "Men of Biblical Proportions."   
    I'm planning to be there on April 8th. (oooh...I should start saving up cash for those vendors right now!)
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    LinneaMarie reacted to Mary Beth in Chicago International Quilt Festival   
    I do not know anything about this show....but there is a truck load of us going to MQS in Cedar Rapids, Iowa this spring. It is going to be fun!!! Come on down!!
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    LinneaMarie got a reaction from Beachside Quilter in Phantom needle bangs down all by itself randomly   
    I called APQS and spoke to Dawn. She is sending a fix to me! YIPPEE!!! 
    That's exactly why I LOVE them!!
    MARY BETH!!!   GATOR!!! Good to see yoy both too! You're right Mary Beth, it is like old home week.
    Now where is Shana Clay, and Heidi, and all the rest??
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    LinneaMarie reacted to CyndiC in Bobbin thread-Bottom line vs SoFine   
    I have a Millie with L style bobbins.   Does anyone ever use So Fine in top and in bobbin? I needed a color that Bottom Line didn't have so I ordered it in So Fine. I have not been able to get my tension right with 50 wt in bottom.  I  wound my own bobbin because I don't need enough of this color to buy a dozen pre-wound but I know it's tight enough. Any advice or suggestions?  Thanks in advance!
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    LinneaMarie reacted to Gator in Phantom needle bangs down all by itself randomly   
    Good to see ya!  Sorry, I have no idea what may be going on, sorry.  Sounds like a call to Dawn or Angie.  Keep those fingers safe!
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    LinneaMarie reacted to Mary Beth in Phantom needle bangs down all by itself randomly   
    It's like old home week!!! I'm back too!! It is so good to see you. I have no idea how to help you....but I am happy to see you   I agree with Connie, call for help!!
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    LinneaMarie got a reaction from Quilting Heidi in VT Quilt show   
    Big congrats my friend!
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