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    Marti10245 reacted to dmphillips762 in 2013 APQS Lucey 26” throat with the (M) Big Bobbin© on a 12’ table.   
    2013 APQS Lucey 26” throat with the (M) Big Bobbin© on a 12’ table.  
    For Sale to good home – lovingly cared for Lucey.
    Quality, performance and ease of use.
    Precision Laser position on front and rear locations.
    Stitch regulator
    Bright LED lighting
    Multiple position handles
    Included are the Hartley Base Expander and handled straightedge tool, bobbins, thread, and Pantograph patterns.
    Asking $9,200 - Located in Danville, IN
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    Marti10245 reacted to deloajones in Sold Sold. 2006 Millienium with Compuquilter loaded excellent condition   
    if you're looking for a machine call me I e gave several customers willing to sell 
    System is completely functional comes everything to have you up and running the day it arrives
    bobbin winder
    motorized fabric advance
    lighting system
    lowerbthread cutter
    channel locks
    touch screen control for computer
    system comes with all manuals and software
    Basic starting kit bobbins thread needles 
    set up and delivery is in included
    price is negotiable asking 10800.00
    the machine alone delivered is that price
    machine alone with out CQ 8200.00
    email.   Longarmdoctor@gmail.com
    text or call 24/7 269-767-2799

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    Marti10245 reacted to Phoenix in 2009 Millenium for sale - SOLD (5-8-17)   
    2009 Millenium for sale- well maintained, spa service and wheel upgrade in 2015, original owner.  Includes: 12 foot table, power advance, hydraulic power table lift, mircrodrive, stitch regulator, lower thread cutter, horizontal dual spool holder, leader grips, zipper loading system, laser light.  Will add in Turbo Bobbin Winder plus original manuals and DVD's.  This machine is in great shape! and has been used for personal use and for a small quilt business.  Original cost:  $20,208.95.  Asking $11,000.  Located in southern Michigan near OHIO border. 

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    Marti10245 reacted to jimerickson in SOLD Ultimate I with stitch regulator   
    Bing:  If you're looking for a lot of bang for your buck, this is a great deal.  A first line machine that can serve you for the rest of your life.  Easy to up grade to computer drive in the future if you're so inclined.  Buy it!  Jim
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    Marti10245 reacted to zeke in SOLD Ultimate I with stitch regulator   
    That's a deal.  I picked one up about 9 months ago in Southern California for $1000.  Now that was a deal, but only the machine and carriage.  Zeke.  
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    Marti10245 reacted to BossQuilter in New Pantograph Tool ---- Makes doing pantographs or picture images a breeze!   
    Rita, I too am not interested in just "gadget hoarding"... Sure, we all can rig up something to do a task, heck, you should see all the work I put into refitting LED lights onto my Millie!!!
    But, after 10 years of avoiding doing any sort of pantograph because the resulting " practice curve" was not in my time budget, I can now add this to my customers options without hesitation.
    Getting more excited to share with you also!
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    Marti10245 reacted to RitaR in New Pantograph Tool ---- Makes doing pantographs or picture images a breeze!   
    First, Good LUCK, Trinity.
    I don't mean to be demeaning any product mentioned here. I'm just a tight wad.
    I think the same could be accomplished by duct taping a cookie tray onto
    a couple of curtain rods.. cut the rod ends so they still have just enough
    ends to curve a bit and not slip off the rods. the panto section could be placed
    on the tray and stitch it out then return to the panto after you've stitched
    out the section, or moved forward as the pattern progresses.
    Himself made me a gadget like that since I sold the QZ and the tray I had went
    with it.
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    Marti10245 reacted to Julie A in 2010 Lenni For Sale   
    I'm selling my 2010 Lenni with 12' table due to downsizing. I'll include pantos, rulers, micro drive handles, Turbo bobbin winder, and custom overhead lighting. I live in Louisville, KY and prefer a pick up, no shipping. $5500. Email for more information. Missjulie@twc.com
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    Marti10245 got a reaction from T Row Studio in Ice dyeing piece   
    Wow that is beautiful the quilting really made it pop.
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    Marti10245 reacted to GMALKB in New Milly !   
    I did play with her all morning !    Actually quilted a small quilt to get the feel of things..........then I loaded a plain fabric sandwich and tested all the brands of threads I have and like to see how they stitched out...........everything worked well.....Glide stitched the prettiest.............I have some Metro, but it kept breaking (also had trouble with it breaking on my old machine) .............so guess I'll use it on my DSM for bindings and other things.....King Tut wouldn't work on my other Millie, so don't know if it will work on this new one...........I ordered a "try me special" spool, just to see how it goes...........So, I used Superior threads...........Omni, So Fine plain and variegated, Fantastico, Magnifico, Brytes.........Fil Tec Glide and Affinity...........both Glide and Affinity worked really well.......as well as the Omni and So Fine threads..........the Fantastico and Magnifico might need a minor tension adjustment............but for all the others I never touched the tension knob...........used Fil Tec Magna Glide Classic bobbin.  I am very pleased with everything.
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    Marti10245 reacted to Cagey in sold   
    I suggest you call them, and they travel and do not live on this site.
    Email deloa@deloasquiltshop.com
    Call 269-767-2799
    Best of luck shopping.
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    Marti10245 reacted to T Row Studio in Large day and night quilt done   
    ​Here is the large version of Kay's Day and Night  quilt. She added some large borders to the top and bottom of her quilt, this did add some fullness that I needed to deal with. I was able to to use my steamer to shrink up a good portion of this fullness before I quilted it. The large white areas were a challenge for me. It took me a long time to figure out how to divide and conqueror them . I am please with how they turned out and she was thrilled. Thanks for looking.

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    Marti10245 reacted to T Row Studio in weaver fever quilt done   
    This quilt is called Weaver Fever. My customer, Carol did a fantastic job piecing this quilt and it has a lot of seams the strips are cut at 1 1/2" so finish 1 inch. Her budget dictated a Panto and she wanted something curvy so I chose Chinese Crescents Panto. This gives it nice texture. I have included before and after pictures. Hope you enjoy looking at this. Have a great day.

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    Marti10245 reacted to jzollin in Batik stars   
    This is a customer quilt I did a few months ago. I wish I would have taken better pictures!

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    Marti10245 reacted to SusanH. in Quilt Size??   
    Hi there...
    I've placed an order for a Lenni on a 10' frame. 
    What is the largest quilt that can be quilted on a 10' frame? 
    How close to the side of the frame will the machine actually quilt, and how much room do you need for your side tensioners?
    Do you think it would be possible to quilt a 110" wide quilt on a 120" wide frame, or would that be too big?
    Thanks for all your info and help!
    SusanH. in Ontario
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    Marti10245 reacted to srichardson in Quilt Size??   
    Hi Susan,
    Welcome to the forum.  I have a Millie with a 10 foot table.  I think that my leaders are about 108 inches wide. I am not familiar with the Lenni table so your leaders may be different.  Perhaps a Lenni owner will chime in.  
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    Marti10245 reacted to mamu in Quilt Size??   
    I have a 12 foot table and this size quilt would take up all the space on the machine and still have room for the machine to move about on the ends.  I do not think you can quilt this size of a quilt on a 10 foot table.
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    Marti10245 reacted to meg in Quilt Size??   
    You can probably manage, but be mindful.
    It says you need 3" on either side of the back/batting for fudge room, but you can make it work with less than that with care.
    Measure twice, pin once.
    Good luck!
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    Marti10245 reacted to InesR in 2009 Millie must sell ASAP and CL and R&S boards   
    I'm glad you found a solution.
    Are there any pantos left.
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    Marti10245 reacted to judyday in Singer Feather Weight 1939   
    You are not a whiney woman. If you don't get your feelings out they will destroy you. Please post all you want here. You are definitely among friends. Some have already lost their soul mates and some will loose them in the future. I pray for your peace at heart.
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    Marti10245 reacted to Quilta93 in Singer Feather Weight 1939   
    I am so sorry for your loss. You are in my prayers.
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    Marti10245 reacted to LeeAnn in 2009 Millie must sell ASAP and CL and R&S boards   
    So sorry to hear of your husband's death.  How hard it must be for you!  and now to sell your machine.  Prayers for you.
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    Marti10245 reacted to InesR in 2009 Millie must sell ASAP and CL and R&S boards   
    Is Millie on a bliss table?
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    Marti10245 reacted to Cagey in Singer Feather Weight 1939   
    There truly is nothing we can say or do during times like this, except to say that we are here to listen.  I hope and pray that things work out well for you.  Take care and God Bless.
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    Marti10245 reacted to JuneR in Singer Feather Weight 1939   
    So sorry for your loss, my sister just loss her husband also.  Not an easy road to travel, wish you the best.
    I would be interested in your pantos, I'm just starting out so let me know what you have and how much.
    Bless you!
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