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Time to look at Circlelord Giant Templates


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Last week I got an order for Giant Boards from a lady in Texas who had heard about them

from another lady in her town. She ordered 4 and a Stylus set for her Gammill.

She had never seen or heard of them before.


Here is a note from her.


"My boards arrived about 6 this evening and after getting the stylus and one set up, I have quilted half a top !!!!  I love it and am wondering which one to get next. :o)  Wish I had these about 20 years ago."

Doris Hollister


"I finished that top this morning and then did a Christmas table cloth. Used two of the patterns.

Really  love them!!!"



Please take a look again at our Giant Boards. You don't have to wait 20 years.

Web page address below.


Thank you,




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I love love love my Circle Lord boards :) Michael and his wife are very nice to deal with.


I have a question has anyone ever had a part of your board break? I have a piece that is broken on my favorite board it is where they hook together. I just noticed it last weekend. Does anyone know how I can fix it? I love this board :).




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Does anyone know of any Circle Lord Giant Boards for sale?  I am looking for some and wish I would have bought some years ago,  but didn't know about them.  Now that I do, I find out that Michael and his wife are retired and living in a retirement home.  I am sorry that they had to retire as it seems that no one else is taking up where they left off with this product.  Anyway, anyone who might have some boards for sale, please contact me at jmshr999@aol.com as I am really interested in obtaining some of these boards.     Thanks!!


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