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  1. I can't even get home owners insurance where I live that I can afford and when we did have insurance I asked about insuring my studio that we were building. (it took 4 years to build but NO loans!) I was told that it wouldn't be worth insuring that the LA made it industrial and that I was looking at well over $1000. every 6 months. I don't have that kind of money so I just have to pray that nothing happens. We have a farm and live several miles from town and have a local volunteer fire department that is only 3 miles up the road but that doesn't count as having a fire department so we just
  2. here we go again I'm in and this oneis mine Possitive thoughts
  3. the dashed running stitch was/ is the quilting line I would echo around that a couple of times or you could do some really close micro stippling or pebbles like has already been suggested.
  4. Wendy, I went with APQS because they are made in the USA and I knew I didn't like the way some other machines felt. I never tried the APQS but I read about them watched a lot of videos and talked to the office and a rep. I just always felt like I was welcome to call about anything and I still feel that way. I went with a demo freedom. It has the same warranty as a new machine and cost less and has more upgrades. I have the L bobbin as that is the only one available at the time but I would go with it again as they say it has better tension and less problems.
  5. ​I love Jamie Wallen I have watched most of his you tube videos and am getting ready to use his flying hearts or hearts take flight over all on my next quilt. Love those feathers.
  6. check the website I think Dawn did a piece on this I have the black mm wheels and that is what I use not bliss if no one else chimes in or you can't find it on the blog give them a call
  7. Well here is my thoughts: First I almost never win so I am probably not a big threat lol. Second I love my Freedom so this is what I would do several options keep both and rent out my freedom or use it for over all patterns and use the Millie for custom and then I would try to become a dealer!!!! None really in this area. Good Luck everyone!!
  8. I enter almost daily and i havn't won anything so I think the Millie just might be mine!!!!
  9. I have used wool batting and Love it the next quilt that is going on is getting wool batting. But here is the question, I have noticed after reading a lot of your posts that a lot of you use wool in combination with a cotton or with 80/20 and I was just wondering why? Why do you add that second batting?
  10. Nope sorry all but I have the feeling Dawn will be calling me this time. Good Luck ALL!!!! ​
  11. Love those colors and it looks great to me.
  12. I am about the same height and I agree nothing works that would work for normal people. My mom which is just over 5' says that everything in my studio is giant size.
  13. Love it you definatly have great control of Millie. Look forward to the full view.
  14. I love my Freedom but I would have went with the bliss if I had been able to try it out before I bought it
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