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  1. I have a open banister in my foyer that I lay the quilts over...the key for me is the time of day, which changes as seasons come and go. Linda gave great tips...especially using no flash. Good luck
  2. King Tut does not behave for me. It is especially bad when combined with a batik (and it seems like lots of batik quilt makers like a variegated thread). I'm not going to hijack this post, but may start one on variegated threads quilters like:)
  3. Great use of multiple background fills...I like your outer border treatment!
  4. Thank you so much for sharing your incredible quilt...awe inspiring!
  5. Sorry you had to go through this...lesson for all of us!
  6. I bought a Samsung Galaxy Note and use PicsArt as suggested by someone on the form. I really like it, but will check out a few of the other apps as well.
  7. These are great...they will be welcomed!! I loaded a small MN quilt today...figuring out some quilting on some very random piecing...so I jumped on the computer instead!
  8. Thanks for sharing...embroidery quilts sometimes are a challenge...you have given great ideas today!
  9. The first part of the post really intrigues me. I wonder if it's something that we will need to be on the look out for. Had you done the quilt originally and if so, did you re-charge? Was it densely quilted or on the looser side. Janette's question about the thread type is interesting too. And...why by the hanging sleeve?? They are supposed to distribute the weight. A great topic!! The magnets look awesome too. Thanks for that tip.
  10. Oh, WOW!! Amazing. What a way to finish up the year!!
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