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  1. Happy Monday how did your Panto work this week-end?

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    2. jameel


      When destiny calls, you do well to listen! It is very heart warming to hear stories like yours and I think you have earned your success with hard work and (from the little I know of you) with a great character and attitude. We can't help but respond positively to good people! Enjoy the rewards! You reap what you sow/sew :-)

      So, I did some more pantos using a smaller, more detailed one and ... uuurrrgh! I am so not happy with the results. Music, pinky finger out, but no wine as I still have to drive this afternoon. I think it is time to get new wheels and see if that makes a difference... these are still from 2001, so past due for a change. There are definitely consistent issues with jogging at the same points of movememt. I draw and paint well so it should not be a lack of hand-eye coordination. Or at least I hope not Or i am deluding myself! My free motion turns out satisfactorily to me but I think it helps to get direct feedback by being on the same side of the machine as the quilt top. Yes, I quickly figured out a few years ago with my old Grace setup about those rail tracks if I didn't pause at the points! I unsewed a lot! But, until I get new wheels I will still persist with the panto practice. Worst case scenario is that I learn a lot as a result of working with harder wheels... might make me a better quilter in the long run.

      Jim, on this forum, recommends edgerider wheels. Have you heard of them, or used them, or have an opinion on them? I know of the APQS M&M wheels of course, but didn't know I had options available.

      Anyway, I hope the sun is shining in your part of paradise. Have a great afternoon!

    3. T Row Studio

      T Row Studio

      I went from the old brown one that made square circles to the M&M wheels the helped a  lot but then I had an opportunity to bliss my machine and I love that. It is way smoother and circles are circles. Hope you find your solution so you can just stitch and enjoy.


    4. jameel


      I can only dream of bliss!  Did you have it done in the USA or did your dealer do it for you? I am not clear about the process involved In the conversion.

      But it is good to hear that you saw an improvement with the M&Ms... square circles describes my situation pretty well! I have some good circles, but not consistently. Not by a long shot. I think m&m will be my next purchase, once I have my C.L. goodies paid for first. My logic: the boards give consistent and smooth results. I could do the wheels first, but then I am still doing free motion and subject to whoopses and inconsitencies. C.L. should offer a jumpstart to professional results right out of the box without changing anything else (judging by the results from my R&S board so far). Or at least I am hoping and praying it will! I should know in a few weeks if I am correct or a fool!

  2. good morning Ann could I make a block for you.... if you wouldn't mind sending Betsie about 5 dollars to go towards the postage to send the quilt to Rita? No pressure you had said you were on the road it was just an idea I had. You can say no Thanks for concidering my request If you do this is there something you would like me to put on the block for you besides your Name?


    1. apylinski


      That would be wonderful. I just opened up the forum from last week. If you just want to put my name that would be fine. I will sent a message to Bettie for her address. Thanks so much!

  3. Thank-you Nancy I am negotiating with Betsy I will let you know what size when I know Thanks again for offering


  4. ok Betsy I will need your address. Thank-you for offering to put this together for Rita 



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    2. dbams


      Nancy (Pepsi Girl) did offer to send along a backing, and I told her no.  However, I see your point, and I will send her another message saying I have reconsidered the matter.  I often add blocks to my backs, or use two (or more) fabrics on them, so that would be a possibility, too.

      A scrappy binding would be fun, so maybe we could ask block makers to send some leftover binding with their blocks, if they want.

    3. T Row Studio

      T Row Studio

      great I will continue if you think of anything else contact me lets try and get this quilt hug to rita. oh should I ask for batting?


    4. dbams


      I have lots of batting.  Is Warm & White OK?

      Do you want to switch to e-mail, rather than using the forum for our communications?  My address is dbams@comcast.net.