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Ultimate I and Ultimate II


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Hi Shortstitch

Ultimate 1 and 11s are made at Carroll. I believe Ultimate 1s and 11s were the first machines manufactured by APQS so roughly they date back up to 22yrs.

I know many of the original machines are still out there working really well.

The main difference between an Ult 1 and Ult 11 is the throat size - Ult 1 has more.

Ultimate 1s have horizontal wheels (I think they always have but am not sure about that) and are only sold with alloy tables

Ultimate 11s originally had vertical wheels and ran on wooden tables, but it is possible to have them with horizontal wheels on alloy tables.

Ultimates 1s can have options such as single stitch, needle positioner, thread cutter - Ult 11s cannot.

Those are what I consider the major differences.

Give APQS a ring for a full run down on both machines.

Best wishes

Sue in Australia

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Hi short-stitch,

My first machine was an Ultimate I. It was built in 1989 and

had not been well cared for. I wasn't sure that I would be

able to stand and quilt so this 'cheap machine' ($2200)

fit the bill for me. It had a 26 x 10.5 inch throat - I think it is

the pre-cursor to the Freedom; 14-foot oak table, and NONE

of the extras. But once I got it working, it ran just fine. The

machine head rode on veritical wheels on the carriage. The

carriage had horizontal wheels riding on the table.

I decided that I liked quilting and sold the old one (in 1 day)

and bought my current Ultimate I machine (it is 6 years old)

which has 1-stitch, power fabric roller-advance and a thread

cutter and of course, 26 x 10.5 inch throat. It is also 14-ft

table but it is that aluminum alloy vice wood and has

horizontal wheels on the machine head. On my

current wish list is a machine with the stitch regulator

and channels locks. One day....

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Thanks so much for the C.D. on our classes with Myrna in Salt Lake. My son got married on Saturday so I haven't had any time for anything. It was so thoughtful of you. DAre you going to the Home Machine Quilting show in Salt Lake in april? I'm tempted but it's a little far to drive for only the one day I could stay. There is a good one in September in Spokane. It's called Innovations. I got one quilt done for my son's wedding on my machine and had a blast. No major problems. I even tried some metallic thread. I wrote their names and wedding date in cursive and then just went over and over it till it was filled in. No tucks on the back so I guess I'm loading correctly or close to correctly. How are you doing. I don't know how to email you privately sorry. Cheryll from the Salt Lake Classes.

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I'm not sure they were still making Ultimate II's 2 years ago. Maybe she got the machine 2 years ago. The age of the machine is easy to determine by looking at the metal tag on the machine head. Mine is toward the back and it is easy to see. The year the motor was made is stamped into the tag.

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