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figureing % question

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OK- how do you figure out the % for cropping? is it a math thing...if it is "im in trouble" I know the 50% but if you get to the last row,cropped, how do you figure out how much it should be cropped?

I am doing well with the E2E designs, and the E2E inside quilt with seperate border treatment...its just figureing out that last row....thanks everybody!!!


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I know that sometimes when we have patterns listed as offset on the alternating rows we will use a "percentage of offset". This is just so that no matter what size you make the pattern sew that you will have a consistent way of determining the measurement. For a side to side crop just take the length of 1 repeat & use the percentage of crop (offset) on that number. Top to bottom would work the same way just using the height measurement instead, similar to figuring out the row index based on a percentage.

We usually try to keep the offset percentages at a somewhat easier percentage math-wise, so that it's easier to figure out on the fly. Sometimes this works out, sometimes I have to use the calculator.

Jessica Schick

Digi-Tech Designs, llc ~Digital, Paper, & Embroidery Quilting patterns

~APQS, Quilt Path, & Intelliquilter Sales, Service, & Education

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