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HOW do I get my PHOTO on the (Avatar) under my name


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Please can any one tell me how to get my photo under my name for this forum, I get to "edit profile" and go to "avatar", .. then what?? it dose not say what to do from there, I'm kinda new to this e-mail / forum / chat line stuff

I bet it's easy, but I need a sept by step


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I dug this out of the archives using the search button on the blue bar at the top of this page.

You asked how to post your picture (avatar) on APQS. Here is how I did it.

First, find a picture of yourself and resize it using any graphic software to be

100 x 100 pixels maximum. The you have to put your picture on the web

somewhere . Some folks have their own web-site and some put

their avatar image on www.webshots.com, which is free if you don't mind the ads. You need

the URL address of the picture (i.e.http:.//www.webshots.com/community/fred/myphoto.jpg)

so be sure to write it down.

Once the photo is on the internet, go into the APQS forum (where you are reading this).

Make sure that you are logged in - upper right corner of APQS forum site will show "Logged in as Pam Geary"

Directly under the "Logged in", you'll see Control Panel - Options. Click it.

Click "Edit Profile" (2nd button from left).

You profile opens, scrolll down past Edit Profile - Optional, until you see Avatar URL .

Enter the URL address in the space for Avatar URL.

I think it happens right away.

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No it should show up immediately. What is needed is your photo to be published out on the web, so it has an URL address. Some folks use their webshots account to download a photo there and then link it here. If you don\'t have a place to add a photo on the web, I believe you could email your photo to the APQS tech support here and they can add it for you.

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Shana, I don\'t know what "migrate" means. I first resized my picture to 99 x 99 pixels and then posted it in one of my albums on Webshots. Then I copied the URL from that picture and pasted it in the Avatar URL space under Edit Profile on this forum. Then I clicked the "Edit Profile" button at the bottom of the page. Obviously I got my signature on the profile, but can\'t get the picture on there. :(

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While in webshots...

go to the album that has your picture.

click on the picture you want to post.

on the right side of screen in the yellowish box select "link to it"

select the address in the "post to a forum" section (it should highlight it)

right click and copy.

Then go the Avatar section in your profile.

I just did this last weekend and had a time too...I think that is what I did.

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I did it! I\'ve been following along with this thread and finally set up my webshots and avatar picture! I had a time figuring it out too...I clicked on enough addresses/URL\'s and finally got it right. I took my pic into paint and made it real small and then I did basically what MaryBeth did, with the exception of editing my picture again in webshots in a screen that had a choice of the amount of pixels. I chose 100 and it worked!

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