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Batting Bar

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Do most of you have a batting bar on your APQS?

The one thing I do not really like is the batting hanging in the front and my trying not to step on it or trip on it.

I find myself constantly having to work it under the quilting space. If I'm using two layers of batting it can be a pain also.

What solutions do you offer to this problem.

Soon I will have enough space that I will not have to store items under my table and I am so looking forward to that. I hate having things under the table but my space is getting smaller and smaller it seems even though it is a 13'6" x 17"4 with a walk in closet. I can barely move and I don't have the space for cutting the large pieces or backs and piecing is a pain to begin as I keep finding all my stuff when working on my sewing table. By the time I clean up I"M Pooped.

I'm thinking of using one of my empty batting spools and simply rolling up the batting that I have loaded and then run a bungy chord thru it but I'm not sure it will work. I want to get it off the floor. I keep spending time getting loose threads out of it even though I've swept they find their way to the batting.

Sorry I'm going on and on again.

Have a great day everyone.

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I have seen some people fold the end up and kind of tuck it between the front rollers, then fold the folded edge up and do the same, (hope this makes sense). I have tried that and it works to get the batting out from under my feet. However, when you are ready to roll you will need to let it down so that you don't roll it up with the qult and have more problems;). I have been buying my batting by the roll and trying to decide a better way also. I am thinking to buy it packaged would be better, then it wouldn't get dusty, or pick up every loose thread in the room. I know it is more expensive that way, but it might be a time saver. The jury is still out. Can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with.

Good luck,

Mary Beth

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Tammie -

Sounds like you have the right idea. I like the empty roll and maybe hang it

from the top roller with the bungies. Somehow.... kind of like making a

little hamock for your batting to just sleep in until you need to roll it. Right

now I have 2 rolls of Poly batting under my machine - full rolls, so they are

very puffy and large.

Yes - it would be nice to have another bar there for what you are quilting

on. I don't like to keep kicking it out of my way. I do remember to always

fold it up onto the rollers when I am done quilting. I don't want it to hang

and stretch - or for one of my girls to run by and snag it.

Just a p.s. for those who have there machines in the basement too - you

never know when a water leak could happen - and ANY batting on the

floor would just act like a wick or a sponge..... yeicks! That would be bad!

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