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photo quilt

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I am doing a simple meandering around the photos in a photo quilt and I got into the edge of one of the photos.

I picked it out but now the needle holes show. When this has happened on a normal quilt I just sprayed it with water and the holes close over night, but they didn't close on the photo paper. I think she said it was Timeless Photo Paper.

Has anyone had this happen?

Can it be fixed?

Maxine Gregory

APQS Millie

Hillsboro, Or

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Sorry for the confusion! That would be my fault.

I quilt on Timeless Treasures fabric constantly and haven't had an issue. I assumed (my first mistake) that the Timeless photo paper was made by Timeless Treasures fabric. I will be contacting my rep tomorrow to clarify and have more information tomorrow.

Again, sorry for the confusion.

Talk more tomorrow.

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