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How to prevent extra fullness when turning quilt?

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I've been through all the posts on turning a quilt and watched Dawn's video, but still have a question.

When I've followed this method, I've ended up with a little extra fullness in what used to be a very flat border.

I did the top border, pinned along the sides of the top, SID'd along the insides of the borders, quilted the inside of the quilt, did the bottom border and turned the quilt. The side borders (now top and bottom) have extra fullness.

Should I not do the inside quilting until after I've turned it?

Any other suggestions?



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Julia if you quilt the body of the quilt before turning, it will cause the borders to be fuller. It is just the nature of the beast that it causes some shrinkage and since the borders haven't been quilted, yes they will have fullness now or possibly puckers.

If you do the top border, then stabilize the blocks with SID and then go to the bottom border and stitch that. Then turn the quilt start at the top border (which was the side) again and work through the body of the quilt doing your detail work and then down to the bottom border. This will prevent the fullness in borders when you turn.

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Make sure you pin the borders well before you roll. That should help take in the fullness. If you are doing a dense filler then don't do it until after you have turned the quilt and done the other 2 borders. This should help eliminate the problem. Patty is right you will always get some fullness you just have to keep it under control.

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