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Moving table up for designer boards

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I ran into that same problem not long ago. I ended up replacing the black boards on the table with thinner plexiglass and it works just fine. I didn't need much more height to clear the boards and that 1/8" or so was all it took. I think the black boards were a good 1/4" thick and I got 1/8" thick plexiglass. The other route would be to raise the whole machine by putting extra washers in the wheels, getting Edgerider or M & M wheels. THEN you also have to raise the roller bars to accomodate the added height. The APQS people can give you more information on all that. I was looking for a simpler solution. The plexiglass did the trick for me. I got it in 3 sections so it was easier to handle AND so it would fit in my car to bring it home. haha

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