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Too many!! This site for sure.

Webshots lets me know when my favorite longarmers add new pix to their site and I have to check those out.

Big Horn Quilts - my favorite online shopping experience! Have to look every day because you never know when they've added new fabrics

Webfabrics.net - They have the best prices on Moda Marbles (my staple!) and when I plan a new quilt, there's always Marbles somewhere.

Willowleafstudio.com - I love all Jodi's pantos and I check often to get the new ones.

AlexAndersonQuilts.com - The message board is down now but that's a very favorite spot.

Quilterscache.com - So many blocks and great quilting info there.

I could go on and on but . . I have a quilt to finish!:D

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Jean, it would be very dangerous for me to go where you go! I would spend FAR too much money;)! That's why I stick to my forums. Even then, sometimes someone will mention something I realize I must have, and there I go, spending what I don't have!! Of course, I have found things that have really made my LA life a lot easier and better, so I'm not really complaining!

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On days I work I usually visit 4 or 5. I have to agree with Judy on Big horn Quilts....I love that site. Their prices are great. I try to hit there first if I have $$ to spend.

Judy had a couple listed that I'm not familiar with so I better do a google and check them out!!

On days I don't work I follow all the links as I read the daily news posts, follow all the links, check out all the webshots and if you mention new pantos I go there for sure. I love links. Of course the APQS posting is the first one I check out.


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Guest Linda S

Oh dear! I'm really bad. I visit all sorts of quilting chat rooms, longarm supply sites, fabric sites, I do the Fab Shop Hop, the Quilt Index Mall Crawl, everything! Most of the time, it do my surfing before I get ready to go to bed. Next thing I know, it's after midnight and the next day I am very sleepy. I need to knock it off and get in more time practicing, so -- off I go!


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