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Indian Quilt (Pics)

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Okay, here goes with trying to post pics. Where is DH when I need him! This quilt top was purchased off ebay by a guy I work with. He looked for one for several months. It was 4 inches out of square, but a neat top anyway. Just made it a challenge to quilt and minimize the extra fabric. It had the paraire points, but I added a border to enlarge the quilt. It's a huge king size with a pillow turn. It was hard to photo because it's sooooooo bigggg!

I searched the internet for indian symbols and had him pick some of his favorites. Everything was done freehand. I used the "arrowhead" design on the star. I freehanded the "feathers" which I tried to make look like bird feathers. There's a medicine wheel, thunderbird, 4 stages of life, hogan, and a bunch of arrows and other stuff. I used the symbol for mountains (double zig zag) for the outer border to highlight the paraire points. I used a wild varigated thread (yellow, tan, orange, brown) because I didn't think it could get much wilder. :P It really made the star and pillow turn look like it was on fire. Hope he likes it. My DH didn't want to give it back!:D

Most of the quilt!







Outer border


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