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AutoSketch classes at MQX

Sue E.

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Hi everyone, I was just wondering if there is anyone who owns a CQ who has attended MQX, MQS, or Innovations in the past and has taken AutoSketch classes offered for the Statler. I am going to be attending MQX in April and the only AutoSketch classes being offered are for the Statler.

My question is, if you've taken the classes are you able to transfer what you've learned for the Statler into digitizing for the CQ? I know most of using AutoSketch (especially the drawing part) is similar except the Statler uses only 3-point arcs. Are these classes geared strictly for the Statler and Precision Stitch?

Will taking a Statler AutoSketch class benefit me or will it be a waste of my time and money? I would love to be able to go to Arkansas and take the CQ digitizing classes that are going to be offered, but since I haven't heard anything about dates or costs, I cannot figure that into my budget :( and can't plan on attending them - especially since I'm already committed to MQX and am really excited to attend my first MQX and show geared for machine quilters:)

Any insight anyone can give me will be greatly appreciated. I hope to get my class schedule and registration into the mail over the next day or two so quick responses are needed.


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Hi Sue,

You should consider taking the CQ classes from Suzanne at the New Training Facility.

It will be so fun and I'll get to meet you at that.

I don't know how far you are from Beaumont Texas but your welcome to join me in Texas and ride to Arkansas with me.

It's a days drive. Maybe 9 to 10 hours I think. I have a large Custom Van so there is alot of room.

Just a thought. It think these classes are going to be awesome!!!! Focused on CQ and digitizing as well as converting.

I plan on attending the 1st one after the first of the year. I won't have my day job stopping me. lolol I am sure it only going to be a short while before the dates and cost will be posted. Also you should email Suzanne for a heads up. I am sure she can give you an idea of what to expect.

This is Grammie using MAnda's id.


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Hi Tammie, I have contacted Suzanne and she said the class was in December but didn't give me a price. I am in Arizona and it would be easier to just fly to the closest city to where the classes are given.

I was hoping someone would offer an AutoSketch class for the CQ at MQX. I am already committed to attending this show for the first time and I am really excited. Since I don't have dates or costs for attending Suzanne's classes, I can't budget it right now. Time is of the essence in order to get the classes I want at MQX and since I'm flying across the country for that show, I want to make it worth my while;)

I would love to meet you and take a class with you and maybe I'll be able to do that, but right now I'm concentrating on MQX:)

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:) Hi Sue and Everyone,

The classes that have been offered at the bigger shows in AutoSketch are geared only for Statler and precision stitch. I believe it would be frustrating for you as you would learn things that do not apply to CompuQuilter, and you would not learn anything specific to Digitizing for CQ or using CQ's features, which is what you really want. For instance, Statler does not make a true turning corner design (an L-shaped corner) like we do, so you will not learn how to do that for CompuQuilter. The digitizing workshop at CQ headquarters is comprehensive and specifically applies to CQ . . . . and it includes learning how to convert Statler files. The list of what you will learn is extensive so I promise you will be very happy with the workshop. Stan and Dee Dee will personally be available during our workshop. Nothing compares to having the opportunity to meet and have discussions with the creators of CompuQuilter. There will be things you will learn that Statler people cannot teach you. I will combine the skills of digitizing CQ's various design cateogries with the knowledge of how to use CQ's features to place designs on fabric. This will cause you to see and think about designs in a different creative way.

About your comment that you haven't heard yet about workshop dates or cost. I am sending out an email soon with details on what you'll learn and other info about the workshop. I needed some additional information from Stan and Dee Dee about expenses before I could finalize this email to everyone who is interested. We do not have a firm date for the first workshop yet as interior reconstruction is going on in the building - but the first workshop will be in December, or no later than January.

If you have sent me an email with a request for more information about the Digitizing Workshop at CompuQuilter's new facility, then you'll receive my new complete info email within the next day or so. Stan and Dee Dee have been in Houston so I got an email with the answers to questions I needed from them this morning. I hope to see many CQ owners and wanna be owners at this workshop. You can call me if you have more questions. Thank you for the suport so many of you have shown for this workshop. :):)

All the Best to Everyone

Suzanne Moreno :)

Digitizing for CompuQuilter Instructor


I'm in Grants Pass, Oregon pacific time 541.660.8053

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Hi Sue :) ,

I've thought about this some more and I would like you to consider the following. Please trust some of your sister A-1/CQ longarm quilters who have come before you with the same questions about classes specific to CompuQuilter ;). The answers to these questions have led me to work with Stan and Dee Dee to offer a comprehensive digitizing workshop at the new CQ facility. Here?s what's up:

Statler Stitcher has been around a little longer than CompuQuilter, and they have been successful at offering classes at the larger shows. Each of the Statler courses you will see advertised at shows like Innovations and MQX are geared to promote Statler Stitchers. Don?t fool yourself into thinking otherwise. I have already truthfully told you that if you attend their AutoSketch classes, which are specifically designed to promote and explain procedures for Statler, you will be disappointed. :(

Beyond that fact, there is something really important to think about. Every time a CQ owner or wanna be owner takes a class which promotes Statler and benefits Statler people, you will confirm for the owners of the big shows that they don?t need to add CompuQuilter specific classes to their programs. I have written other posts stating that I submitted 3 CompuQuilter specific class proposals to Innovations this year only to be told, ?maybe next year?. In the meantime, they accepted 4-6 Statler related classes this year.

Look at pages 24 and 25 of the 2007 MQX catalog and you clearly see this wording in the Statler AutoSketch course descriptions:

page 24 - Paul Statler will be offering a Digitizing course ? it reads, ?Join Paul Statler for this more advanced class utilizing the Statler Stitcher system. He will teach you how to digitize, draw and produce patterns for the Statler Stitcher using AutoSketch. This class is more advanced and is suitable for those who have the Statler Stitcher system and are comfortable using it?. (intermediate level) .

Page 25 - Brian Tjelta (he is a Gammill machine expert and Statler AutoSketch Instructor) will be offering ?Advanced AutoSketch? . . . . . . ?this class is designed for the Statler user who has experience with the basic use of the machine (their machine), Precision Stitch and AutoSketch . ?

Sue, for one thing, you will not learn how to digitize CQ?s design categories ? our corners and ?tagged? designs are distinctly different from Statler. The steps Statler users take before they save their .dxf file is different and more complex than what we do. You will be in the dark when its time for you to convert some of your designs to stitch on CQ. The features of the Statler are different, so you won't get the full benefit of really knowing your system.

On the CQ-Digitizers list, you commented that the founder of MQX, Janet-Lee thought the AutoSketch classes she has scheduled for 2007 were ?generic?. Just the other day she sent me an email and based on what she asked me about the differences in AutoSketch for CQ versus Statler, it was clear she is searching for answers. She may think that the AutoSketch classes offered so far at MQX are generic, but the truth is they are not generic, they are for Statler users, and in the process, they promote Gammill/Statler product lines.

The founders of the big shows make decisions on which classes to schedule based on a couple of things. One is the level of popularity, newness or innovation the teacher has to offer, and the other is what they perceive the attendance will be. If you keep supporting Statler classes, you?ll continue to see Statler classes. Stan and Dee Dee have responded to the needs of CompuQuilter owners by investing in our future with the new facility. The training center and showroom are being tailored to give you a wonderful atmosphere for learning about CQ. The most impressive thing I have seen about Statler users is they are very supportive with each other and in recognizing that it?s important to get professional training in their computerized system. Many of them take classes at Gammill-Statler headquarters or from Gammill/Statler teachers. For instance, the very talented designer, Anne Bright is a Gammill/Statler National Dealer. She teaches classes at Gammill/Statler headquarters, and whenever she offers a class at a big show that relates to computerized quilting, she uses a Statler.

CompuQuilter is an exciting computerized system that has features that are not available on the Statler system. Digitizing for CQ is alot easier than Statler, and we can convert their files to run on our system. The CQ user has the great flexibility to be able to digitize a design once in AutoSketch and if they choose, sell the same original design to every kind of quilter; computerized long arm quilters, hand-guided longarm quilters, domestic machine quilters and hand quilters. Want to know more about that? . . . well you won't learn it in a Statler AutoSketch class (hint, hint ;) )

I think it would be great for us to support OUR computerized system. We have many talented people too, so lets not let the Statler people make a bunch of stunning computerized quilts while we chat our days away. How about that? :cool:

All the best to everyone,

Suzanne Moreno

Digitizing for CompuQuilter Instructor


I?m in Grants Pass, Oregon pacific time 541.660.8053

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Suzanne, I agree with you. However, since I work a full-time job and only have a limited amount of time off and funds to support trips, I can only budget so much to travel for quilting. I would love to take the classes that you are teaching but since I have already committed myself, time and money to MQX I want to get the most out of this show. I truly would like to see some CQ classes being offered at these shows. With only Statler classes always being offered at the big shows, I think CQ is being short changed, but I also think we need more people willing to offer CQ classes at these shows and convince the promoters that this will be a viable class option.

I have not yet heard anything back from Brian Tjelta regarding his class, so haven't made a decision yet. I am really torn as to whether or not to take his class as I really do want to learn more than just the basics of AutoSketch, which I now know.

If I didn't have another business to run and if I had unlimited funds, I would jump on a plane and head toward Arkansas for your class. (If you were to teach a class in southern California, it sure would be easier and less expensive for me to re-arrange my schedule to attend both MQX and your class--Arkansas is a long way for some of us to travel!).

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Hi Sue

I took both Autosketch classes at MQS in Kansas last year. I didn't find them at all helpful for a CQ owner and I stress CQ owner. I sat all the way through the first and walked out of the second.

CQ has special features not found on the Statler system and you really would want to know how to design in Autosketch to use these fully, designing for CQ is easier - no start, finish, snap instructions to work out.

You can't compare what you will learn in a 2 hr lecture with what you will learn in a 3 day hands-on class. I know the cost will be so much more for the 3 day workshop but in my opinion I would much rather save and learn it all in a short time, than spend 4hrs in two lectures and not increase my skills enough to do more than I already could. Also with Suzanne's classes you will walk away with the "class" in a manual.

I'm saving my pennies right now.

Sue in Australia

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Sue in Australia, thanks so much. I really wanted to hear what someone who has taken the classes felt. I honestly believe that the classes Suzanne is going to be teaching are the ones I want, but since I am going to MQX, I was thinking of taking some AutoSketch classes there - I guess I'll go with my gut feeling and take other classes and save the AutoSketch classes until I can take them in Arkansas.

I really appreciate your telling me how you felt.

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Sue in Scottsdale

I just believe that it is all in timing. You are a member of the Compuquilter Family and we all want you have the best training available. I understand your feelings as not long ago as you remember I was so frustrated about designs not being digitized for the cq owners at the rate SStitcher designs are. I truly know how you are feeling. Don't settle for seconds. Get the best training for your money no matter how long you have to wait for vacation or time off to get it. It will only benefit you in the long run.

As far as Statler and Compuquilter. Try and think about the Tortoise and Hare. Your decide whether you are the Tortoise or the Hare. I know which one I am. lol

We are all routing for you girl. I know the right time is just beyond your sight. Hang in there.



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