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NQR Homemade Marshmallows


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I found this recipe, tried it, and then found this video version. Mine turned out perfectly the first time! What a treat! mmmmmmmmm warm vanilla marshmallows

You could use some concentrated coffee, like Starbucks Via, instead of the vanilla...lots of variations to think about. Costco has Starbucks hot chocolate mixes now, and I'm thinking of combining a packet and a few marshmallows for a hostess gift, or seasonal/winter gift. I'm looking for ways to package the marshmallows since they should be kept air tight. Jars with lids is the only thing I can think of. Got any suggestions? Ziploc would work for a short duration. The recipe says it keeps for three weeks in air tight container. Hmmmmm I wonder what happens after three weeks, all that sugar surely doesn't mold? Do they get softer and melt, or do they dry out and get hard and tough?


No calories here--they're all air!:P

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