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  1. What a great little set up...I just moved back to VA from Dallas and there are soooo many quilters and quilt shops out there! Other than the weather you will love it! You never know, maybe over time the camper get together will morph into a quilting retreat....:)
  2. I am cleaning out my quilting studio to try to downsize it a bit and have the following quilting magazines for sale...if you are interested in any of them please PM me and I can send you pictures of those issues and am happy to answer any questions....these were very helpful to me as I was learning to use my millie. All are from a smoke free and pet free home and in very good condition...$20.00 for each year except 2013 $15.00 for that one, plus shipping..... Jan - Nov 2007 Unlimited Possibilities and Machine Quilting Premier Issue Dec 2007 - 7 issues Jan - Nov 2008 Unlimited Poss. and Machine Quilting Spring and Winter 2008 - 8 issues Jan - May 2009 Unlimited Poss and Machine Quilting Spring 2009, July, Sept, Nov - 7 issues Jan - Nov 2010 Machine Quilting - 6 issues Jan - Nov 2011 Machine Quilting - 6 issues Jan - Nov 2012 Machine Quilting - 6 issues Jan - Nov 2013 Machine Quilting - 5 issues (missing Sept/Oct) Jan - Nov 2014 Machine Quilting - 6 issues Thanks! Vicki
  3. I am trying to downsize some of my "stuff" and have ALOT of quilting magazines to sell....before I list them on ebay I was thinking that I would try here first... to start I have all of 2015 and through June of 2016 to sell as one through once, all in excellent condition, no smoking or pets here... I am thinking $25.00 for all of them plus shipping and I believe they will all fit in a flat rate priority mail box for about $14.00.... Pics attached....
  4. Thanks Cathy! He is such a little cutie!!!
  5. I apologize for not getting back to all of you middle daughter just delivered her first baby, our 4th grandchild and he spent a week in NICU, was finally home last week, and I went to help out...but am now back! I have other years from 2007 until 2014 (2015 and 16 have been sold), I am working through those who have messaged me privately in the order that I received your messages...and promise to get back to anyone interested...once I have done that I will post anything not yet sold on this thread... Thanks for helping me get some spring cleaning done and finding more space in my quilting room!
  6. Hi Nancy, they are mostly dedicated to longarm quilting, the later years also address sit down quilting I think they combined two ideas and combined the publishing from 2009 on...
  7. I have had a flckr account for years but now they have been acquired by a new company and so I am looking for another low cost/free option to post photos of customer's quilts (with their permission of course)... Do many of you who do quilting for customers use a website? FB and instagram? Blogs? What do you all think? and what works best for you? Thanks, Vicki
  8. Primitive1

    Customer Quilt Photo's

    Thanks Missy, Yes, I currently have a business card with a scan code that will take you to my flckr account so people could see my quilting examples...I kept it up with customer quilts...I used that rather than paying for a website and I have never lacked business...I do need to get back to posting on here too, everyone here is so supportive and appreciates the work that goes into quilting...I should probably look into a waterprint on my pics to prevent people from doing what they did to you...or at least giving the quilter the credit for quilting.
  9. Primitive1

    MQX New England.

    Yes, we probably did...I went for two years but then just did not get back up again....I loved the train option too, haven't been to MQX since they moved back to NH...maybe some day...
  10. Primitive1

    What is your style?

    I have several sets of zippers and love them, you can sit down to pin them on and if you need to remove an unfinished quilt for some reason, it is easy to zip it off and back on again...I also have large dowels that my DH put large rubber covered hooks on one end of each dowel and I use those to rest my clamps and straps on....
  11. Primitive1

    Customer Quilt Photo's

    They will be aquired by another company as of 5/25, they haven't mentioned anything about charging but I did read in their disclosure they emailed out that they will own and have all rights to any pictures on there and said if you want to remove them and close your account you have until 5/25 to do so...I did download all of my pictures but am not sure at this point what their plan is...I just want to be prepared...and so am looking at other options as well....
  12. Primitive1

    MQX New England.

    I went about 5 years ago and it was the best learning experience for me! I also enjoyed meeting many of the people on this forum...we met and had dinner together...loved it!
  13. Primitive1


    I agree with Debbie, it still looks nice but I know you probably last saw it before it was washed and put into a dryer...I think just wetting and blocking it would help like Linda said, in retaining it's crispness but who knows what the new owner may have needed to do...since she put it into the show she apparently is very proud of it and it is a pretty quilt!
  14. Primitive1

    Bobbin tension

    Sometimes also re-threading the machine makes a difference. But it does look like the bobbin thread is pretty loose...
  15. Primitive1

    Sauder Village Quilt Show

    Congratulations Missy! Your quilt is adorable and very deserving of the ribbons! I'd love to see more close up pics of this one and some pics of the other quilts too if you have them.... Congrats again!!!
  16. I haven't been on the forum for a while...but Sharon I am sorry for the loss of your best friend, I lost a very close quilting friend several years ago and still think of her almost every day... Lin I am also sorry for your diagnosis, you will be in my prayers as you go down the road of treatments.... I don't have much to add in the sale area...
  17. I am doing some spring cleaning and have several Circle Lord Boards that I have not used in a long time and so am willing to part with them...both are in like new condition and come from a no smoking, no pets home... ---SOLD----Milky Way Giant Board - King Size - $280.00 plus shipping.. -----STILL AVAILABLE----Sunburst 17" $60.00 plus shipping PM me if interested.... Thanks! Vicki
  18. Primitive1

    14 ft Millie table

    Carol, I have a 14 foot table and have considered downsizing to a smaller table as I am just plain tired of doing such large quilts.... mine is the black metal frame that came with my 2008 millie...also has the round bars and fabric advance....hmmmmm.... do you have a picture?
  19. Primitive1

    Wanting circle lord boards

    Tyquilter, Egads, I just realized that I forgot to followup on the boards that I am willing to part with...I mostly do freehand now and just don't use them, both have been used once...I will use your email above and send you the information if that's still ok... Thanks, Vicki
  20. Primitive1

    Using double batting

    I agree with Jim, I have used double batting before (QD request along with wool) but did not raise my hopping foot and it quilted just fact with all of the batting it is less fussing with tension if you want to use two diff colors of thread in the bobbin and on the top...
  21. Primitive1

    Wanting circle lord boards

    I too have a set, I'll get a picture and post that too....
  22. Update: Sold! Thankyou! When I moved to Dallas several years ago I had help packing. When I got there I could not find my ruler base anywhere so I finally ordered a new one. Now that we have moved back to VA and have finally gone through every box guess what I found? Since I don't need two of them I am hoping someone out there may need my spare one, since they run $170.00 new I am thinking $100.00 plus shipping for my old ruler mate and newer ruler...please private message me if interested... Thanks Vicki Maloney
  23. Primitive1

    Ruler Base and Ruler for Sale

    Thanks Connie, I will go there.....!
  24. Your quilting is stunning!