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That was a "duh" moment! Sorry I sent that empty post. (guess it's kind of like my head). I am still learning to use the forum.

I am trying to research the cost of the Econozoid...cannot find it on the QZ website. Only find the $400 QZ, and other attachments, spiro attachment for $350, etc.

I am guessing that maybe they don't sell an "Econozoid" any more, since the price for the QZ is $400, and they include some extras with that? And I found a post by Linda from 2 years ago, saying they had upgraded the base plate on the Econozoid, making it the same as the Quiltazoid's baseplate.

Also found old posts that say the cost for the Econozoid was $350.....not much less than the QZ now.

I am definitely going to get it, but need to figure this all out. I did call, and email Adam and Linda, so waiting for their email or call.

Thanks everyone,


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the econozoid is no longer offered. it used to be to upgrade to the quiltazoid you would send in your baseplate for the one that accepted the spirograph attachment. this is no longer the case...

the quiltazoid is a great tool. you can upgrade anytime to spiros by purchasing the spiro attachment. the cost of the quiltaoid includes the Eccentric Tool and Tracing Template #7 - Little of Everything.

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