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  1. witha'K'quilting

    A very funny for the day

    dressed? check eaten breakfast? check kids off to school? check laundry in the washer? check hair brushed? check lotion? chapstick? check mentally prepared to sew? heck yeah...get outta my way, I am on a mission!
  2. witha'K'quilting

    Instagram...anybody else use it?

    i just followed dave and roseann. any others we don't know about?
  3. witha'K'quilting

    2 questions for U

    cute baby toes!
  4. i prefer my backing seams to be pressed to one side, but it is for wearability and no other reason. the only thing that matters to me is that selvage edges be cut off when joining long pieces of fabric.
  5. witha'K'quilting

    How would you quilt this

    any textured panto, like double plume, would look great on this quilt. DP is easy and fast to quilt too. it's a win-win.
  6. witha'K'quilting

    Quilt Intake Form

    if you go to my website, withakquilting.blogspot.com, and click on the quilt intake form, you can see what i am using. this might give you some ideas. Linda, ffq-lar, has a great intake form that i used to generate mine. beware though, i have not received any business through this site. i am way behind in my posts, and am concentrating on building my etsy shop instead, since longarming isn't doing it for me due to where i live, i think.
  7. what a guy! that is so cool!
  8. witha'K'quilting

    LED light Systems for APQS longarms

    sounds interesting. this is outside my price budget right now though. would love to hear what others think when they get it.
  9. witha'K'quilting

    I Spy Fabric Swap Anyone?

    i too got my fabrics. i love them. i received 3 duplicates, so we can play 'I Spy and Find the Match too'! Thanks again for a great swap.
  10. witha'K'quilting

    A cute little quilt

    beautiful...as we have come to expect.
  11. witha'K'quilting

    I Spy Fabric Swap Anyone?

    thanks mary for all your work in organizing this swap.
  12. witha'K'quilting

    Needing strips request updated

    connie...my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.
  13. witha'K'quilting

    I Spy Fabric Swap Anyone?

    mine were sent priority mail on monday. i included a return label and $6 to cover the postage. they should make it by the 30th.
  14. witha'K'quilting

    I Spy Fabric Swap Anyone?

    I wish to be included in the second swap as well. Please let me know if I am in so I can get additional fabrics.
  15. witha'K'quilting

    I Spy Fabric Swap Anyone?

    count me in please, if there is still room!