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  1. Its gorgeous!!! You made this quilt come to life. Congratulations!
  2. adjust the #8 screw under the top cover. this runs the needle up/down potentiometer. this will fix your problem.
  3. hi darlene, i do not know if this info helps or not. but, i have a millie (w/thread cutter) and a liberty. the ruler mate i have is for the millie, however, also fits on the liberty. so, perhaps, if donita cannot make a base for lucey...if she has one for the millie with the cutout for the thread cutter, it could still work for your customer. not ideal, i know, but at least maybe she can have a base that will fit.
  4. it's a good life, if you don't weaken!

  5. i should say that more custom should be in your future. you 'rocked' both quilts with your gorgeous piecing/quilting!
  6. Dory, I charge $0.25 per linear inch to prepare and sew to both sides by machine. I have one lady I do this for and she is happy as pie to never learn how to do binding herself. I think it is time I raise my price! if she only knew that 3 of my most used quilts do not even have binding on them. shame on me!
  7. I am impressed! Your quilting is beyond gorgeous!! Your design choices complimented the quilt well.
  8. I stapled the velcro in place to the wood holders...and use a piece of batting laid in between the wood blocks to tighten the grip.
  9. Hi Janiece, I am 4 hours north of vegas...and own 2 apqs machines. although i usually do not travel down south...i am just an email/forum call away. my email is listed below...just add the symbols and remove the spaces.
  10. I love so fine and bottomline threads from superior. I have a sample of glide thread that I have yet to try. I have some metro cones as well. I prefer a matte thread compared to shiny...so metro sits on the shelf unless I need the color...and only then when the shiny doesnt compete with the fabric. I view glide to be similar to metro and isacord embroidery threads.
  11. Sue.. If you ever want to sell your crinkle...I am interested. Kristina
  12. Thanks patty...that's what I assumed. There are no dates set for this class either. Dawn is to get back to me when it becomes something more than an "infant". Incubator stage is what she called it.
  13. I contacted dawn directly and was told that the certified tech was in its incubation stage. She is to let me know more later as a class develops for certified training. It is my understanding that the maintenance class is different from the tech class.
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