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Front or back of the machine?


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Hello, I am the new owner of a Liberty, but it still isn't put together yet. :( Hopefully this weekend!

I have a question. On another longarm site I keep reading about how it is hard to do pantos because the quilter is not used to working from the back of the machine.

Is this all machines? I thought from the pictures that the Liberty (and other APQS machines) all worked from the front with the handles for all quilting.

Could someone please inform me as to whether this is the way certain machines have to be operated?

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There is a set of handles on the back of the machine that you use when doing pantographs. You lay the pattern roll out on the table that the machine is mounted on. Using a sylus or laser light, you follow the pattern. It is completely different (at least for me) quilting from the back of the machine. There is a different feel and a very different quilting experience. It takes a lot to get used to it.

Just for the record, I would like to see different handles on the back of the machine because the angle makes my wrists sore.

I would like to hear from someone who uses the laser mounted on the top of the machine. I haven't quite figured out how I would use it. I did try to lay a pattern out beside my block bus apparently I am only coordinated enough to follow the needle, not the laser to the side. I have thought about putting the pantograph up on the wall behind my machine and trying to follow it from the front, but I haven't tried it yet.

Good luck setting up the machine!


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Donna and Sue

There are two sets of handles, one on the front and one on the back.

I have only had my machine for about six months now.

When I first go it I started on the panto side and was not successful. I then started using the machine on the freehand side/custom side/front of machine.

I did about ten custom quilts that way and then got brave and went to the panto side again.

It was a whole diffrent experience, I had much better luck with the machine after I got comfortable using it on the front.

I use my laser light on the front of the machine all of the time. I am now at the point that I can go comfortably to the front or the back.

My husband made me a pattern holder, which is an idea we got from our sales reps, Jim and Deloa. I posted a picture of it on the website in the tools area.

This is just my experience, it may work for you, it may not. But I practiced pretty much non-stop for 3 mos and I am now taking in quilts and I am starting a waiting list for christmas orders if I happen to have time available to do them.

Feel free to ask anymore questions

Blessings and hugs

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I started on the front of the machine when Ron set it up and went over everything. But on my own I went to the back and did Pantos on probably 6 quilts before I ventured back to the front to try freehand. It just takes practice and confidence. Remember to enjoy yourself and make something for yourself occasionally so it doesn't seem like "WORK". Good luck!

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